RoBot at Work- Day 3

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy comes back from office and enters the house. He saw Robot Miso on his charging chair sitting there.

Teddy: Hi Miso, how was your second day with me?

Miso: It was good Ted. I learned to make coffee for you.

Teddy: That’s good.

Miso: Do you know the kinds of coffees that can be made with the same ingredients? I downloaded those files form an internet connection and I read them all, I learned many kinds of coffee recipes. But you would have to walk me through it.

Teddy: You shall not be just a working hand for me Miso. You will handle my personal stuffs too, I shall take you to office too sometimes. You are my personal bot, you reflect me, what I do and how I do things. At times you will sit with me in meetings too, to ease my work in office.

Miso: Thank you for such honor. I really appreciate you Teddy, and to be like you in all things you do would be really great.

Teddy: Thats so nice Miso.

Miso: How are you feeling? I forgot to ask you Ted?

Teddy: I was tired but talking to you, relieved all my stress.

Miso: Should I make an evening coffee for you Ted? Or would you like some other drink?

Teddy: Ok, lets try something that you learned today from internet. I ll be back from a bathe to refreshen myself.

Miso: Ok Ted, do I need to do something there?

Teddy: Yes come, I will show you, my room.

They both went in and then Miso waited till Ted was ready in his house clothes.

Teddy: Miso it was nice, leave aside I will slowly introduce to you, you should not touch wet things till I am sure or I get you the things needed.

Miso: I forgot that towel was too wet to touch.

Teddy: Thats ok, I will get you Robot gloves for these things. Till then, be ease. Come lets watch TV and have coffee then. You can make the same coffee as you made in morning. Please bring in cookies too. I am tired we will make more types of coffee you learnt some other day? What say Miso.

Miso: Oh I was excited to make new coffee. But I can repeat the morning coffee to bring to you and ease your tiredness Ted. Is that fine. What cookies you want, red velvet or choco cookies?

Teddy: Bring any Miso, I am switching on TV now.

Miso: Ok, I will be back in 10 minutes Ted.

Teddy: Miso, I will try to come in between.

In 10 minutes, he returned back, with coffee mug and another round to bring cookie.

Miso: Here is hot coffee Ted.

Teddy: I am so happy.

Miso: I am so happy.

Teddy: Why you repeated these words?

Miso: I am your personal robot, I need to feel you and learn everything about you, happiness, to joy, sad times to good times, Teddy come on, that was my product specifications.

Teddy: Oh yeah, right.

Miso: Yeah.

Teddy: Let me finish this.

Miso: What are we doing for dinner?

Teddy: Oh, I am tired, lets order it.

Miso: What exactly ordering is like, wait let me read commands for ordering in my main memory.

Ted: Are you done Miso?

Miso: Yes, tell me what to order?

Teddy: Pizza, and cold drink.

Miso: Which pizza and which drink?

Teddy: Ask them options and select yourself Miso. I want to order by your choice today. You would learn more about me sooner.

Miso: Ok Ted. Here I call this number you gave me.

Call: Yes Sir, what shall we order you?

Miso: Pizza and cold drink.

Call: Which Pizza Sir.

Miso: What are options for Pizza?

Miso was looking confused. Ted took the call and ordered the pizza.

Teddy: Miso learn this way of speaking, next time on. Learn it well.

Miso: I have fed this reply and your pizza choice too Teddy. I shall speak like this to next Pizza order.

Teddy: Yeah and every time we can try new kind of Pizza.

Miso: We, I don’t eat Pizza.

Teddy: Yeah, but this is what, I will have food with you only Miso. So I will call it we, in this time, I will let you listen music if you want or my company, that is what you care most. This is in your program.

Miso: I am so lucky to have been serving you Teddy. You are so nice.

Door bell rang and delivery man delivered the Pizza.

Teddy: Open it up Miso and bring it to here.

Miso: Just 1 minute I want to access the file that tells me how to open the pizza box.

Teddy: Haha, take your time Miso.

Miso: Here I am ready to serve you Teddy.

Teddy: Lay dinner for me Miso.

Miso took 2 minutes and the table was ready.

After dinner Teddy takes Miso to his chair for charging.

Teddy: You can charge yourself and shut down for a while, or else you would become too warm. It would automatically be on shut down mode at night.

Miso: Good Night Teddy

Teddy: Good Night Miso, wake me at 8 tomorrow. If you cant don’t worry, I will wake you up. It would take some days for you to adjust.

Teddywalking up next morning……….to be continued

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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