Short Fictional Fairy Tale Story— Lzye


Please Note: This is a purely fictional fairly tale story and bears no resemblance to any person living or passed away. This story is casted in a far off place in universe. This story and characters are not related to any known mythologies.

Lzye was the owner of 4 planes of life in distant place in universe away from Solar System. Yes, it is even further from the reign of Milky way. These 4 components that belonged her. And there were many males who wanted to make her marry them. But she didn’t say yes to anyone. As she wanted to marry for love.

It was declared in skies that the man who wins Lzye ’s heart shall own the four planes of life she owned. Men filled with greed to own these 4 planes faked love for her. But she knew it was not true love.  

She too wanted to give the responsibility of these 4 planes to someone, and shift her focus on her children, beauty and cooking skills~~  She was over worked and it showed on her face.

But, one day, he came from the lightening’s of sky right in front of her. And to her arrogance and pride. She ignored the handsome man named Cactlopas.

Cactlopas was mesmerized by her as a whole. And was not surprised by the agnosticism of his presence. He was like a nomad to her and she owned lands—the 4 most coveted lands.

Cactlopas asked her “Lady I am the best man you can have.”

Lzye said, “The word best is too less for me.”

Cactlopas then bend down on his knees and whispered, “Women, you may get a lot of men approaching you. You must be used to attention from opposite gender. But I belong to you.”

Lzye said, “How can you say that?”

Cactlopas triggered an angry response “Do you see what is happening in the lower planes, you own? The people there are in troubles, all you care for are the lands you like. This is not how empires are run.”

Lzye in angry tone said “Oh! You will tell me, how to run my own lands? The lower lands are almost captured by devils. I gift the devils those lands.”

Cactlopas said “Wow”

Lzye said “Yeah, one should be generous.”

Cactlopas explained “Wow”

Lzye said “Thank You”

Cactlopas said “I am saying -Wow- Now you seek me in the lower planes. I won’t tell you where I am. Seek me there. Come there and feel the pains.”

Lzye said——“Hey, wait, you have no right to talk to me like this—wait~~”

Cactlopas exclaimed –“Come and seek me now, Miss arrogance”

Years passed by Lzye was offered proposals by so many men. But she never said yes to anyone, she was waiting for Cactlopas to come back to her. She cannot go out of 4 planes, as a condition before her marriage.

She even tried marrying a man, who could not win her heart. But the marriage was not accepted by the temple of love. The temple of love said they are not in love, it is not a love marriage. The temple of love was asked about it – as the skies declared her lover will own her legacy.

She was disgusted, with so much responsibility. No man could win her heart. So, she could not marry as the temple of love won’t accept him as   the owner of the four planes. And there was no other reason for her to marry but to give the work of four lands to the right person. And she never fell in love with anyone else after seeing Cactlopas.  

Tired and exhausted, she gave up, called his name, Cactlopas. It made her remind, he said he would meet her in lower planes.

One day——-Lzye decided to enter the lower planes of life—to meet Cactlopas

And Cactlopas, came to know it, he said “Wow”

Story to be continued later.

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