Short Story ~ of life of Flowery #Green Fashion

Moral of Story: You can have Green Fashion and look and love beautifully ! Do you use an artificial earning, or a ring, be it any ring, or is using something that is not recyclable? If recyclable, are you taking care of recycling them? It may, perhaps may, cause a very very infinitesimally minor effect in climate crisis. Do you use any kind of accessories, which are made of artificial agents? Anytime is a good time to switch to flowers, natural beads, shells,…… with cotton threads/natural threads.


This is a completely fictional fairy tale story and no character in this story has any relation and relevance to any living or passed away person.

In the land of flowers. She was the princesses named flowery. Well there are girls like her too. They have right to live the way they like, in flowers, in fashion of kinds and colors they love.

Since birth she loved so much into trying new dresses made from flowers, looking good using flowers, beads, natural shells, leaves, to decorate her hairs, plaits, neckline, waist, ankles and wrists. Flowers of kinds were her best possessions. One day she married the prince of the land of gardens.

It was her man, that was her ideal life now on. Nothing else mattered more to her. What for running she asked ? She lived for love !

Every morning she used to dress up in flowers for her man. She used to dress in flowers. Earnings made from flowers, neck pieces of types made from fresh flowers, sometimes one flower, a rose, in neckpiece, sometimes five small cat flowers, many times a necklace filled with flowers. They were tied with cotton threads/ silk threads/natural threads.

Her dresses were decorated with flowers not by artificial plastics and metals. She used to use fresh flowers in basket from her garden to use these flowers as accessories.

Hear waist belt was of fresh flowers as well.

One day, she asked her man, Garndel, “Would you leave me, if I get old? This is what worries me most.”

Garndel said, “No dear. I would always love you. Forever. And I shall always try to fulfil all your needs well.”

She was very happy and they had five children in coming years. She kept on using flowers of kinds to look beautiful. And there was no tension of young kids eating her accessories — she used safe flowers during child raising years. Even a princess had to work hard in child raising years ~~

Love continued even when they got as old as 98 years.

Their children grew in love and married their love partners. Flowers were used as she used to use in the family and kingdom.

And their love story is still remembered as fresh flowers in the lands of flowers.

#Green Fashion

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