All Robots holds a meeting in Space

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Tisoko finished the call from Antartica on Earth. He looks up, he looks down, but the alien was nowhere to be seen. He went a distance to the right and then to the left, he ran to see the South and North direction as well. But the alien was nowhere to be seen. He trashed the land with his right leg in anger.

“What should I do now? I informed Earth that I found an Alian. And he is nowhere now?”

He thought to himself, “Alian must have not gone far enough, let me ask all robots around.”

Tisoko sends out a broadcast message to all Robots in his vicinity, to come to his location. The message also went to Astro Robot Nanena who stays on Moon most of time.

Astro Robot Nanena called Tisoko immediately. She said to him on call message, “Tisoko, the broadcast went to all the robots, even to robots of individual countries. You had to send message to only Robots of Joint International Committee, all countries do not participate in it, some countries have their individual goals. It’s ok, nothing can be done now, be cautious next time on.”

Soon different kinds of Robots started appearing in skies on Planet Venus. All robots were flying in air, they used a combination of gravity and power to maintain their sky flying.

Tisoko was just thinking of the Alien, in a while the robots were there near him as if they were flying at supersonic speeds.

Tisoko said, “So many robots!”

“What is the issue Tisoko?”

“Did he called everyone of us flying in skies in Space?”, said another robot.

“Seems like he called all of us, see so many more are coming.”

“Why you called all of us; the Robots flying in skies ?”

“Well there was an alien in here, I saw him, he was here, right here.”





All robots repeated this word.

“What now?”

“We need to find the Alian, we can’t let it go, we need to progress in science and space.”

“Alien can’t leave us like this.”

Many voices followed.

Tisoko said, look we all need to join hands in this work and not think of independent aims.

Let’s join hands in finding Alien.

“What say?”

The International Joint team members exclaimed, “We are in to find the Alians, just we need the permission of Astro Robert Nanena, she has assigned many tasks to us and she talks to Earth Center too.”

Other countries’ robots said, “We work for our countries, it would be tough for us to find time for Aliens.”

Other country robots too said this and while leaving them, they said, “Don’t call us on such urgent meetings when there is nothing urgent in it, we too see Aliens often.”

Tisoko said, “Ok everyone, country robots to leave and Joint Mission Robots to be here, let’s sit near the meeting room and lets plan for searching the Alien.”

“The Alien must be somewhere near, let me show you a pic my system took with the alien. Here it is, see on projector.”

Note: The article is also the author account.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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