Climate Change is Not Just By Emission but Can Pollution with Fostering carbon-di-oxide plays good role too ?

Climate change — firstly people need to understand the difference. Between climate change and the way climate was before, industrialization came. Especially the youth.

Climate change is sum total of all local and global effects. I have the following points, which I am finding proofs of now-a-days. Till then these are basic hypothesis with logical explanations. Using basic logic theory and knowledge of basic sciences.

Yes emission add to greenhouses gases. But this is not the sole reason for what you are experiencing. What is the amount of increase in rainfall and storms in your region over last 100 years?

How can you undermine the other things ?

Other things include:

  1. Local deforestation. This effects the absorption of carbon-di-oxide from air, one must remember carbon-di-oxide is heavier than other gases. This disruption indeed makes it difficult to absorb the gases emitted as a part of the industrialization. Hence greenery degree and measurement of a place is needed. Greenery also helps in rain as a obvious reason in part of evaporation-condensation cycle. Green places are cooler, air have moisture in green places. Greenery prevents lot of storms as well.
  2. Pollution: Can local pollution can effect in global climate change ? The answer is pollution in a local place may change the local atmospheric pressures in that place. This may cause a breach of rain in that region, lesser rain in that region, would mean the clouds will burst at some other place, either the clouds will rain heavily or there shall be storms cause by this possible case. Though this needs mathematical proof. Which shall be provided shortly, when available.
  3. Soil Erosion. Soil erosion emerges from lack of erosion when green plants roots don’t hold the soil, apart form other reasons. How soil erosion hamper and effects climate change? The layers of soil are ordered in an order, the top most layer is best for agriculture and plantation. Once that goes out, this may wipe off the potential deal to grow plants and crops there. Lesser crops and plants, effect the oxygen-carbon-di-oxide balance in the region. Which hampers the rainfall process.
  4. Average atmospheric pressure. The average atmospheric pressure need to be maintained. Else the place looses its balance to make right conditions for right weather. How does average atmospheric pressure changes, may be by pollution, lack of greenery.
  5. Clean Water. Clean water is needed for a better evaporation and hence playing the right balance in the rain cycle. Clean water sources such as rivers, lakes keeps the places cooler. Who took away water from these water bodies ? Modernizations ? Human needs ? When pollution in water increases, it effects the aquatic life as well, hence changing the carbon-di-oxide and oxygen levels in water. Effects can include evaporations, making many places drought prone, and effecting and contributing in global environment changes.
  6. Imbalance in Eco System. Any imbalance in eco system, indirectly effects the system. For example, there are too many goats in a village, then all plants are eaten out. Or a place has too many human density, then also this can effect the eco-system. Once there are no plants, this effect the oxygen-carbon-di-oxide ratio of the region. This changes the balance in the air, one must remember carbon-di-oxide is heavier than other gases. An increase in heavier gases, in a region because of de-forestation and concrete town building can effect the weather in region.
  7. Increase in temperature. Yes increase in temperature can do things. But it is average temperature of Earth, which can increase sea levels. But it is not the sole reason of climatic extremes one is experiencing such as storms. What were the average number of storms that used to be experienced before this decade and before that ?

Any of these can impact the weather of region, which together can impact a bigger region, even causing storms. One need to understand there is delicate balance in environment and people need to maintain their local environments balance to protect the global environment. As a change in local atmospheric pressures can change the global atmospheric movements. Sometime your pollution may cause storms in innocent areas. Why this is all low pressure and high pressure games. By choosing to keep more carbon-d–oxide gas in your region you choose to play with the balance in local weather as well as local atmospheric pressures. Hence, look and heal for local weathers, global things will heal themselves.

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