Yellow Lentil Cutlet For Burger– Another Entry For Veg Cutlet-And Its Delicious

Hi Everyone,

Here is one more competitor for the cutlets factory competition–Its VEG— Yellow _Orange Lentils–Cutlet

Indeed you can try with any pulses

Here is my receipe, a lengthy one as I didnt had breadcrumbs. Try with breadcrumbs for a shorter recipe and do share your cutlets too–I mean receipe..

Step 1. Take yellow and orange lentils in equal proportions. You can choose any one too or even green gram, any pulse, the black one too.

I used the yellow and orange lentils as it gets cooked quite fast. Wash 1 bowl of this pulses and give it a pressure cooker whistle with same amount of water.

Step 2. Take coriander leaves — 1 handful of leaves without stems and 2 fresh green chili, cut them.

Step 3. Take half bowl of rice. Grind the rice in mixture grinder and make it a fine mixture.

Step 4. By now, lentils must have been boiled well to be soft enough to be eaten. 1 whistle, yellow lentils take, brown pulses, it may take more time.

Step 5. Mix the boiled lentil in coriander leaves, green chilis and put this fine rice powder. See how you like to grow in your tastes for veg cutlets. I added full one bowl of rice flour, freshly grinded. You may add, breadcrumbs and refined flour. There are really many ways to make delicious cutlets. Some use corn flour as well. Add 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of black pepper.

Step 6. Heat oil for deep fry. I used mustard oil. While it heats make the shapes of cutlets. Once the oil is ready to cook, start putting the raw cutlets in oil.

Step 7. Deep fry the cutlets.

Step 8. They are ready and yum delicious.

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