Over Productions and extra Exports, How they are indirectly related to Climate Change

When a region over produces a utility, what impact it can have on global environment.

  1. Over production of certain things in a region, would require extra power
  2. This may need extra electricity
  3. Any mode of power, electricity produces apart from other things heat
  4. Science says–Energy can neither be created not be destroyed, it can be changed from one form to another
  5. These small heat fragments need to be calculated.
  6. Once they are calculated – you may know the over production of items to gain business, can make the place temperature higher, leading to imbalance in local environments.
  7. Small heat per unit of product developed can hamper in weather in local regions
  8. Hence a balance in production units across world need to be set up
  9. Apart from the heat, sometime natural gas is needed and burnt, this may put in environment some amounts of gasses as well.
  10. These gasses and fragments of heat in world are un-accounted for its role in climate change in local environments and hence on global front
  11. The electricity needed is itself a resource which is over used in over productions

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