Population Density in a Region and its impact on Climate Change

The population density on a region, and how it can effect the local weather of a region and its impact on global climate change.

  1. The higher the population density in a city, the more the number of houses to be lit
  2. The more the number of gas stoves used
  3. The more gas stoves, means more heat is released in environment
  4. Small stoves each releasing some amount of heat daily can make a big amount of heat accumulation in local environment
  5. Heat in environment trapped in the region can causes change in atmospheric pressure
  6. Change in local atmospheric pressures can change the change in atmospheric pressures in nearby region
  7. This change of low and high pressures can have cascading effect to distant places.
  8. Hence one needs to compute the heat generated per stove and multiply with the density of population
  9. Even — the chimney on gas top produces hot air to absorb all heat and release it in atmosphere.
  10. Have you calculated how many chimneys are in heavy density areas and how much can total heat, carbon dioxide is added to local environments?
  11. All this can change the dynamics of local weather, having cascading effect on global environments, just like waves
  12. Further, for non heavy density areas, use of wood, cow dung dried for cooking can produce local weather changes.
  13. This accounts for climate change in the regions as well
  14. And why no one is not computing these things ?
  15. Population density have many other things and impacts which can be computed in same way.
  16. The use of hot water.
  17. The use of non-green energy sources.
  18. To even over consumption of river water in region.

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