Heal the Soil every Season! Ever thought where all these minerals in fruits are coming from- Soil!

Yes, fertilizers are used to enrich the soil after harvest every season. This is needed even in gardens and parks, wherever plants are grown. And this is a regular process every gardener and agriculturist know or should be knowing. 

We all eat fruits, refined grains and pulses for all the vitamins, proteins and other necessary things. Where does a plant makes all these available in form of vegetables, fruits, agricultural products  to us ?  Yes photosynthesis is one thing next is soil! Soil has a lot that roots take from earth up to fruits.

So how much one has to dig to replenish soil again. Experts in the field can calculate it well. Next is the compost and fertilizers used. This article is to lay emphasis on human waste-solid or otherwise- to be send back to soil —–why? To send it back to the land where it came from–! Though in a weird form—that is how Gods made humans, what can we do in this? To send back not just human wastes, but plant, kitchen bio-degradable wastes back to soil, from where it came.

All we can do it to give back to soil what has been taken off from it. Rest is the crap thing expert’s job. We all can just put the task out on their desks. They have to work on it. How much is to be put and where! This will solve huge problem of putting human wastes in water bodies. This can be put after bio gas is made form it or otherwise. To be experimented by soil experts.

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