Was Google left behind – Automated Car Projects — what about Google’s initial Idea on self-driving cars? Is Tesla Leading the race in self-driving cars alone?

Ever since I was in tech – Google meant AI for me – and AI meant Google for me. Google was not only a fascination but awe to look at, I even wanted to work in Google. To implement my ideas in an organization like Google, was a dream. So how can I see my dream company lag behind in any area? To my concern was this year’s summary I read about Tesla on the internet.  This is the most profitable company of the year as per the article I read. What it deals with – I don’t know much of its products but automated cars, some future aims of setting colonization on other planets, some robots which can do shopping for humans! Are these tactics to make more profits with the sale of shares or are these actually realizable given the current scenario. Given robots are yet to have AGI. Maybe they can better explain, not my topic here to talk on.

Anyways being an AI person, what I think of is AI based automated cars, maybe one area Tesla made news for Elon being is being the richest person in 2021. By selling automated cars, or shares in name of automated cars, plans to colonize Mars, and what more plans, some more dreams some more products, I don’t know.

My aim is to understand how my dream company Google lagged behind in the race to make automated cars. And I still dream to be associated with Google if they want to consult me.  And since Tesla had been in news for some automated car issues in 2021. I was thinking where are Google self-driving cars, no news since long? Is this lack of marketing, advertising or progress projection. To be successful as a product, look self-driving car is yet a product for you, this has to be taken out of the lab where it works. May be one can try it on deserts, and some advertisements to it guys. As this is how world works- advertisements and marketing strategy. I suggest you read Marketing Book by Philip Kotler, then see the shares of this subsidiary company rise. Even I can give more suggestions to Google on how to enhance self-driving cars and why it is required.

But one suggestion to Google self-driving car team — don’t test product in crowded place as your competitors may be looking reasons to make you feel down again! Test it in simulations — meaning Google Self-driving car team make a simulation field for your self-driving cars. Don’t do mistakes the other automatic car company did of taking of on roads when really not very ready as per a news I heard, not once, twice, in 2021. For more suggestions on how to improve your AI product of self-driving cars, you can follow my blogs. 

Further, an interesting application of self-driving cars is to help in fighting forest fires, where fire fighters cannot go. This shall save forests as well as climate change issues. 

All I heard as a young engineer was — Google is making self-driving cars – Where and how it left its tracks? Or I am remembering it wrong – the first test demo of Google Self Driving cars! And as does this company made mistakes in some automated driving, there can be no doubt- that Google Self driving AI based cars would have had made met with some problems initially. But see how they deal with these issues, tactically and got over it. My recommendation to Google Self driving car unit is – it ok, you were not directed to keep going but it’s never too late to start, ask for funds from company AI R&D and start again.

Where are google self-driving cars it in competition with Tesla cars? Maybe they are there– but not as much advertised as Tesla cars are – Is it true– As back then when I was young what meant for Self-Driving cars was the name Google– In 2009 it was formally made after inception as per reference on the internet. So, is it not advertised well — Or I am missing all news of Google’s Mission of Self Driving Cars?

Now — this year’s news Elon was the most successful man of 2021! How much money they made in a year struck with Pandemic! How- was it selling AI based dreams or real usable AI products? That I don’t know. Wondering what products Tesla sells? AI based Self-driving cars? The most profit – and who all lost to these profits in 2021 – My dream company could have had gained all this money – as I still link AI to Google and Google to AI. And automated cars (self-driving cars) are nothing but AI for me !  

While Google is an accomplished AI-based Tech Firm- the leader in AI is left behind in the AI field of automated driving? Why So? Maybe I am missing all the news about Google Accomplishments all this while- Do update me in case there is news on this topic as well. But had there been so much news – why Google Self Driving cars not made as much business as Tesla—— Tesla history main points are given as follow:

As per Wikipedia [1]

“In June 2009, Tesla was approved to receive loans from the United States Department of Energy. The funding, part of  Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, supported engineering and production of the Model S sedan, as well as the development of commercial powertrain technology.[26] “

“In January 2012, Tesla ceased production of the Roadster, and in June the company launched its second car, the Model S luxury sedan.[33] The Model S won several automotive awards during 2012 and 2013, including the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year,[34] and became the first electric car to top the monthly sales ranking of a country”

As per [2]

“Google began in January 1996. Waymo began as the Google self-driving car project in 2009 . We’re making it safe and easy to get around – without the need for anyone in the driver’s seat . driver .”

“On November 13, 2006, Google acquired YouTube   On March 11, 2008, Google acquired DoubleClick ,”

And the main reason to mention these points is– that Google did not require any kind of loans as it was successful then? So why self-driving AI cars was not promoted!

Comparing these two points- I think Google lagged behind its aim to make efficient self-driving cars and even shifted focus on Truck and so on. Please correct me if I am wrong – all this as per what I have read – I may be missing some points.

This is a major loss to Google Self driving cars– both from point of view of monetary benefits, it could have made and also in the market it could have caught—–Given Google was The AI Company–If what I am concluding is true — If not please update me. I have not done full research on this—topic–but as a 2021 analysis–all I heard was– Tesla Self-driving cars–Man where are the Google Self-driving cars–we were used to listening– Whose idea was it first–to make self-driving cars?


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