Rose Chocolate – White Rose Chocolate, Brown and Dark Rose Chocolate. Rose preserved tastes better than bee honey!

Why Rose anyways, where do bees make best bee honey from ? Think.

Caution: See if you can consume these ingredients.

This is a quick recipe using white compound and milk compound. However you can make the chocolates in the traditional way using coconut oil and cocoa power from scratch. I had some white compound saved from my last recipe and hence using it. But you can derive the other recipe from this recipe, as I was not having the ingredients to make chocolates from scratch (as usual).

Ingredients: Some fresh rose petals, 100 grams white compound, 4 spoon of rose preserve (made from rose and sugar, as explained in separate article), 100 grams of milk compound. And chocolate heart shaped molds. That is it!

Step 1. Take the microwave bowl and the heart shaped mold to make chocolates. Clean both with water.

Step 2. Take 100 grams of while compound from a food store and melt it in microwave- it took me 2 minutes. Make sure not to over heat it, else it shall burn, it has low melting point. See it looks hard, but put a spoon it is so soft. Hence keep checking by putting spoon in it.

Step 3. Take the rose preserve you made and kept aside (how to make it in a separate article) This rose preserve is rose petals preserved in sugar, any local rose can be used, just that it should be free from much of the agricultural chemicals as much as possible, for best taste. Add 2 spoons of rose preserve and some fresh rose petals as well.

Step 4. Mix it well.

Step 5. Put in the chocolate mold, a layer of this mixture.

Step 6. Then put some flakes of rose preserve.

Step 7. Then cover these rose flakes with the mixture we prepared above.

Step 8. Fill other molds in same way, sorry I am trying this first time as well, not coming out to be like a professional cook, however, looking quite messy.

Step 9. Take the milk compound- 100 grams in the same bowl to heat in microwave – for me it took 1.5 minutes for it to soften.

Step 10. It have melted however not looking so, once again these have low melting points, so check with a spoon, it is so soft. Don’t over heat it will go dry.

Step 11. See how it looks when spoon put in it.

Step 12. Add 2 spoon of rose preserve with few petals of fresh rose as well in this.

Step 13. Mix well in the bowl.

Step 14. Put in a layer of this mixture in the heart shaped mold.

Step 15. Put a layer of rose preserve in the mold now.

Step 16. Cover this mold with the layer of mixture form the bowl now.

Step 17. Now, time to add more flavors, add one spoon of cocoa powder in the bowl and mix well.

Step 18. Fill the molds with the same process as described above, with a layer of rose preserve in center of the heart shaped mold.

Step 19. Add one more spoon of cocoa powder and mix well, to make it more stronger in taste. It shall grow thicker.

Step 20. Add more hearts in same way with a layer of rose preserve in between the molten Choco so made. Add more Choco power in bowl to get different tastes in all the pieces with brown color.

Step 21. Clean it with a sandwich spreader and let the mold rest for few hours. After few hours at room temperature, take out the chocolates form the mold here are how they look. The white rose chocolate, the brown rose chocolate and the dark rose chocolate (with extra cocoa powder) and they taste good!

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