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Here are short snippets from the book…

In the cluster of Dreamland’s, a vivid galaxy far beyond the Grand Park of Living Stars which Myra owned from her mother, lies the venturer’s place. This place is well known in Dreamy Galaxy as ‘The Towers of Dreams’. Not only is it difficult to hie there it is fruitful to get in it. For, dream sells for free here. So, you might be wondering what this full galaxy of dreamlands is for. Well, it has dreams of all kinds. Just nothing so venturous as the Dream Towers. The best dreams are the toughest to get. May be that might had been the reason, but it is so in the Dreamy Galaxy in this way.

Far beyond those clusters, there is a tunnel, a huge one, air flights as huge as a planet can come in this tunnel, to visit the Dreamlands. And often planetary flights come in on whole in this galaxy of dreams to visit. These flights are booked outside. The flying planets take in people, animals, trees and plants with passes. Make them seated well in their places and here they go to the tunnel, to enter Dreamlands.

The tunnel is deep bluish-orange in color. The planetary flights entering this galaxy have pre-defined stopping and screening points. No one from planet can get off until, manual visit locations are reached. Time is provided to board the planetary flights again. Each person who gets down from the planet through the exit gates at the visit points is provided with a badge to hear the instructions from the flight, alas they may miss on their planetary planes.

On this pre-booked flight came many people from various galaxies, plants, animals and trees from distant lands. All though the online interest to visit the Dreamlands at least once in a millennium. One couple from land of snakes booked it a century back, but their accounts of deeds had negative points and they were declared a rejection for another century. Once rejected they cannot apply to Dreamland flights again for another hundred years.

Then came Timba and his wife Mimla the leaders of the park of pigeons, a planet in the galaxy of birds….

One dream Mimla always wanted to fulfil was to have a child who can speak to humanly beings on the planets of life in the galaxy of birds. …. And to their surprise, their wish was fulfilled they were blessed with a baby pigeon in the park of pigeons which can speak to humans too. His name was kept as Gamta…

Simbli and Gamta became friends, as their friendship grew, they sang together, …

One fine day they both were called by the peacock king and queen from the lands of peacocks. They said to both of them, “Gamta and Simbli, you are being appointed as the ambassadors of the Kingdom of birds,….

Grand invitations were sent to all in the Galaxy of birds. … The marriage was kept on same date in next millennium, for sprits to arrange their visit to venue and feast beforehand and plan their travels accordingly. Not all can visit, given the duties they had, but most of them shall be sending a representative or two from their families to present gifts embraced in their blessings to the pigeon king and queen….

The kings, queens and special ministers booked a ticked each on the Dreamlands flights. A complete VIP planet flight consisting of these special sprits was arranged….

Full Story– In Book Coming Soon…..

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