An interesting NLP Word Sense Disambiguation Problem. Can you solve it ? #AI Related to owl-The vehicle of a Goddess And at same time means being fool?

#paradox, #what_is_truth #Word Sense Disambiguation Problem #NLP #AI

This is an interesting Word Sense Disambiguation Problem hence in AI. I was doing some experiments with Word Sense Disambiguation Problem. Then I found the following sentence in Hindi. How would you disambiguate it for right sense.

Sentence in question is “ullu baba diya ?” which in English means “We made you an owl?”

The possible meaning is can take as per description below are:

  1. Very intelligent being.
  2. Some to call it as a fool– a reference that you were made fool. As is used even by kids here in India.
  3. A vehicle of Goddess of wealth – as is shown (by mentions) in old eastern epics.
  4. Someone associated with darkness as owl wakes up at night and sleeps in day.
  5. Someone who do not care of what is happening in world. As he sleeps in full day.

How would we disambiguate this phrase “ullu baba diya ?”

#paradox, #what_is_truth #Word Sense Disambiguation Problem #NLP #AI

Goddess of Wealth use Owl at times to fly at times ! Was Owl the name of God of Heaven ? Then why the paradox explained here? What is the Answer to this Word Sense Disambiguation Problem ? How would AI explain this ?

Note- many of below lines are taken as it is from reference links

That owl is Goddess of Money – vehicle as per some eastern epics. In Hindi owl is called ulu. There are following points:

  1. Ulu is also as a word sense used to say “we made you ulu” this is a paradox. As this sentence say we made you fool.
  2. At the same time, owl (ulu in hindi) is considered as the most intelligent being in the universe, some people say this.
  3. Owl sleeps in day while wakes up at night- meaning as per links below–he loves darkness and symbol that he is ignorant of happening in world? Is it this interpretation?
  4. This is a paradox — a contrast why ulu same word mean four different things the being owl is used for in Sanskrit and Hindi. What is the truth?
  5. A very intelligent being,
  6. Used as “we made you owl” as a word sense in Hindi means made you fool ?? Why this paradox ?
  7. Even as a vehicle of Goddess, and
  8. Below I mention one of the name of God of heaven was ulluka — ulu is word and ulu-ka may be a verb form, as in German- leibe, leiben, leibst…so on…from leibe

So the paradox is — “ulu bana diya” means we made you fool. While it should mean – we made you intelligent. What is the reason for same word-ulu to mean intelligent as well as fool. What is the truth ?

In sanskrit owl is called Uluka, ULUUKA is another name of God of heavens as per links below.

Ulūka (उलूक).—1 An owl; नोलूकोप्यवलोकते यदि दिवा सूर्यस्य किं दूषणम्

As per links in references.

ULUKA: Lakhmi’s vahana owl is known as Uluka. Uluka is also another name for Lord Indra, the King of the Heavens, personifying wealth, power and glory. It is also a lesser known or unlikeliest vahana for the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi. So it would look like that the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is riding on the King of Heaven!



[2] As per link:,Prosperity%20is%20riding%20on%20the%20King%20of%20Heaven%21




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