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Money flows from giver to taker. If taker do not spend it back, it stagnates. This is the backbone of Economics. But who is giving money is also to be considered. One should see that one gives money in exchange of some product else your fiscal treasury diminishes. This holds for government as well, if you keep giving money and not making a product out of it, it would be good, but it would be even better is a product is made out of it. As this product made out of money will create more jobs and more development. This is the lesson of good economics.

However, the following points need to be kept in mind when studying the economics of any business activity.

  1. What product you want to make ?
  2. Is the product just for money making- If so– Then a big No– Money should never be the sole driver of any business.
  3. If the product is for solving some problem. Then good, we have to solve many problems, and hence money can be put in it, even if the product made is a baby product. Just like we are delivering baby AI in market doing baby like mistakes.
  4. Is the product is not of much use as of now, but we make it for beauty, or leisure only. Then yes – we should make – why– as the beauty product will create jobs, we will put people on work even in beautifying project. Money will revolve and change hands, that is what we want. Apart from that – it is better to employ people and invest money, as someone will get salary, some one relaxation. Further, near any beautiful pond a coffee shop flourishes, some just love making and selling coffee near a beautiful artificial pond rather than in a mall.
  5. If the product is of research with some aim. Then no doubt it is a yes.
  6. If the product asking money is for a research in a harmful area–answer is no.
  7. If the product is on research out of a theoretic subject. Yes it can be good to invest money in it. As there are sciences in Universe that no one understand yet- such as time zone energies– as in my article —
  8. But such research articles need to be studied well. And a utility things need to be understood.
  9. Hence create money from money is what businessmen do.
  10. They sell a product–use money to pay more employees –make more money– and sell more.
  11. However, one must not loose ethics in this process.
  12. Startups need to be motivated all time, due to lack of funding’s, hence big businesses should support them, not buy them, let them evolve freely.
  13. Making money — Some people sell even garbage to make money- for that one need great marketing skills. However, I say this is unethical.

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