No Mood to Cook – Still want yummy Chicken Curry in 10 minutes ? Here is how you may try.

Step 1. Take chicken. I had frozen chicken chest. Boil it in water. For 8 minutes. Just plain water. Go and have music listening for a while.

Step 2. This is how it looked. Mine was quite weird.

Step 3. Take your favorite soup compatible with chicken. I took — Knorr Hot and Sour vegetable soup. And put it in the heated chicken with water.

Step 4. Heat for a while, keep moving spatula, as — the soup is thick it may stick to the pan/utensil you are using to cook. Its ready in few more minutes. Let chicken absorb the soup. So you can leave it in there– to be heated again after a while. Or do as what I did- eat it fresh and hot. Chicken with soupy curry.

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