Open up the Curtains in your Mind

How blessed you were

Remove the curtains in your head

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

Don’t find flaws in your placement on planet

See the blessings

Count the admiration  and care by your neighbors

Be it Autumn Flowers

Be it Monsoon Rain

Or a snow fall, out of season

Can you count your blessings now?

If still no count the unseen care by Mother Nature on you

Open the curtains of your minds and see

You were not positioned in this place to bear just pains

It was well planned by the Universe

To make you go through all this

All this to make you stronger

Find the strength in this discomfort

Find your voice

Come out high

Rise high out of this

All this was meant to prepare you

For your Karmic learnings

If not here, then up there

Just see how blessed you are now

To experience the pains

And be much stronger

And embrace joys in turbulent times

Embrace the unseen joyous times

It’s hard, Its difficult

But find the moments that were behind the curtains

The curtains of your memories

Which hides the enjoyment of the first rain from your balcony

The curtains in head

Which blocks you to see the rainbow you watched with your brother

The curtains that doesn’t let you remember the songs you sang with cold breeze in park

Yes, these curtains

Stops you

And shows you just the pains

Open up the curtains

You will see a beautiful journey

Even if it was not beautiful

Thank the Nature for all the warm spring air hugs

The flowers for all the smells

Take up the curtains

Open up the minds

Let it be free

See from a free mind

Now see was the pain really a pain

Or was it a mentor, teaching you

To Take off the old skin

Not easy, and pretty difficult things

But that’s is what it is for

Take off the curtain

And see the morning dew awaits your voice

Open up the curtains of minds

And see

See it, the beauty that it holds

The World is beautiful

Embrace it

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

All that to be happy

And play your role

Here on Earth

We are all on a duty here

This is a place for Karmic Learning

Try to know what you experienced and why

Open up the curtains of mind

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

Published by Nidhika

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