Thanks, is not just on Thank Giving day

But each day, all time

Its not just a spoken gesture

But a feeling

Holds a return gift

To be felt

And will be always remembered


Thank one

Thank all

To be cherished and esteemed

Till times to come


Thanks someone special

Thanks anyone who came in way,

In journey of life

For they taught some lessons

To be revered

Till years to come


Thank the best guys

Thank the good ones too

To be treasured

Till the ends


There are no ends

Just new beginnings

So, these feelings

These emotions

Stays forever in your soul


And forever


What you waiting for

Thank him

Thank her

Thank all, you met

As do thank the babies, you hugged

Thank all, to whom you rejoiced with


Thank the animals, who came by to cuddle

Thank the birds, for the wonderful songs



Will make love more

More, and more


Thanks, is not just on Thank Giving day

But each day, all time

It’s not just a written indication

But a sentiment

To be sensed


To be hark backed




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