Climate Change and Temporary Measures for Preservations

Climate changed has paved the way for variety of extreme conditions on Earth, be it drought, flooding, cyclones, typhons, flash flooding or forest fires. Yes, until equilibrium is reached on Earth again, when the atmospheric processes gain back a stable and balanced state, measures should be taken to make resources on Earth safe and life on Earth livable with least economic costs. In this article I am putting out some measure that I think should be answered by Climatologists for applicability to preserve the resources from being damaged by Climate Change, be it soil, water bodies and let the sustained forms of life and processes be preserved with ease.

For all this one must understand the relation that exits between heat, water, ice and air. These are the major factors that define the climate change on or above the earth surface. Right now, due to certain imbalance in most of them, the natural processes are hampered. Hence, one need to study how to artificially imbibe the co-relations among them for temporary solutions. All this till, all is back to normal.

Another thing is water supplies as not just human’s but environment likes to be bit hydrated too. So, the question we have is how water be artificially supplied to areas in need and how it can help to balance the extreme conditions. If we see most climatic change are guided by heat, low, high pressures, rains to mention some. How artificially supplied water can help in curbing these issue ? Climatologists can help you give exact mathematical equations on it and how water flow need to be regulated. They can ask me if thy find it difficult !

Now, the fresh water bodies are depleting in quantities and quality too, hence cannot help much in this process. Seas and oceans seem to be one option of water source to keep the lands-water-air-moisture balance at par. Give sea levels are on rise.

Well, sea water is salty, scientists should find a way to remove salt in a cost-effective way, typically by evaporation process under green house or so. Once salt is separated, only thing that remains is to connect this to supplies and keep lands hydrated, and animals, birds and insects thirsts out.  The excess water, which anyways is increasing the sea levels, can be put back on land, to help in NATURAL EVAPORATION, natural cooling and raining processes. A lot of water may be needed for all this, and at regular intervals. Till the time sea levels are rising this solution may be used. This is a solution that I think of, there are many more solutions to this problem. Hence there wont be supplies problems in this solution as in my previous article on backwaters creation and tributaries constructions, which may take several years to be constructed.

The climatology scientists must study the effect of supplying water from sea to main lands can have on balancing these acts of imbalance between – the key contributors of climate change.  The effect of evaporation causing rain in this process may have on lands. And the controlled way to supply sea water to these places, to curb the rains, heating’s, low-and high pressures and even forest fires.

Well, yes there are other factors such as depletion of ozone layer etc., which have to be dealt separately.  Because there may not be a short-term cure for it, just prevention form further damage, as far as I understand. And there are disturbances below Earth surface which can be fixed in due course of time through right measure.

Published by Nidhika

I have an eager research-based approach to solve problems in the various areas using my expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Mathematics. I find solutions based on my experience, research skills, strong knowledge and foundations in the subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization Techniques, Linear Algebra to mention a few. This is augmented by my high standard of coding skills which vary from C++, Java, Perl to Data Science languages such as Python, R and MATLAB. To further establish, it many of the my works have already been published online as research papers in well reputed journals. I have intense experience in Natural Language Processing applications such as summarization, search, retrieval, sentiment analysis, wordnet, deep learning. Having worked on real time implementations of various applications of Computer Science. The domains that I have worked on are Health Care System, Electronic Document Management Systems, Natural Text Mining, EDA, Web Development etc. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few!

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