Can We Have an Artificial Intelligence Based Weather Monitoring System? Open Question for Open Discussion.

Climate change is here. The question here I want to discuss with the Artificial Intelligence experts, climatologists, solar energy experts and energy scientists is that “Can AI based weather monitoring system be made, if so, how?”. Here I have mentioned some questions that we AI experts need to answer the from scientists working in the above-mentioned departments viz. climatologists and energy department specialists.  To answer whether AI can help us, we need to answer the following question:

  1. Question: Can AI help in weather monitoring systems to automatically detect heavy rains, cloud bursts, heat. Why? So those measures are taken to protect the environment and people as much as can be done. Just like cyclone is detected much before time.

My answer to discussion: Yes, we should try for this the following need to be answered:

  1. Low pressure and high pressures are recorded on the atmospheric databased, why cannot it be fed to a neural network, to start with, if deep learning is too costly?  This is a time series problem, just like you can predict financial data you should be able to predict this as well. Consider past months data of low and high pressures and new data when lightning happened, or when flash floods happen, this becomes a time series data. This can be solved by any Recurrent Neural Networks or LSTM, Transformers, or any of the time series machine learning model.  
  2. Climatologist around the Globe should study how to monitor water from seas to be evaporated in right places, after salt is separated. The water goes to atmosphere from excess heat.
  3. Energy studies experts, to analyze, how energy from various sources can reduce excess low pressure in some areas which would mandatorily make excess water in air, causing excess water in sky. I understand, this makes clouds heavier and may cause excess rain in other parts of earth. Hence, it should be a joint effort of all. Hence energy studies people should work on solar energy panels to redirect heat, can it be done, how to create a parallel low pressure, massive solar panels may be needed. Is it plausible? I am not an energy studies person? They have to find answer of how to make a rotating solar panel? Will it work of not? They will answer by building models. I cannot, I am not an expert in this department.
  4. Question. Can AI help deal with managing how to evacuate people from places of natural calamities.

My Answer: Yes.

  1. Question: Can AI based prediction of weather and climate system be made on an app, for people to be informed before time to plan things?

My Answer: Yes.

Published by Nidhika

I have an eager research-based approach to solve problems in the various areas using my expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Mathematics. I find solutions based on my experience, research skills, strong knowledge and foundations in the subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization Techniques, Linear Algebra to mention a few. This is augmented by my high standard of coding skills which vary from C++, Java, Perl to Data Science languages such as Python, R and MATLAB. To further establish, it many of the my works have already been published online as research papers in well reputed journals. I have intense experience in Natural Language Processing applications such as summarization, search, retrieval, sentiment analysis, wordnet, deep learning. Having worked on real time implementations of various applications of Computer Science. The domains that I have worked on are Health Care System, Electronic Document Management Systems, Natural Text Mining, EDA, Web Development etc. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few!

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