Red Chili-Garlic Paste At Home- To wake up the senses on a lazier day

Nutritious, Spicy, Chili, and opens up all the senses ! Its raw red chili and garlic paste!

Can be spread on any bread, burger, and can be mixed in any other staple food too.

All you need is: 3 raw red chilis, two garlics and optionally coriander power, 1 spoon of butter.

All this to serve one, change quantities for more people. Here is the recipe. And get ready to open up all senses 🙂

Step 1. Take 3 raw red chilis and 2 garlics well peeled into individual parts, 1 spoon of butter or oil for tempering, 1 spoon coriander powder [optional ] .

Step 2. Put chili, garlic and coriander powder in mixture grinder and mix it

Note: Coriander power adds taste and have nutritional values, but some may not like a bitter taste it has, so go slow in using coriander powder, if you are new to it. Start with half spoon or ignore it all together and enjoy garlic and chili sauce. Hence it is mentioned above as optional.

Step 3. Mix it in mixture grinder, add some water to make it easy to be minced well as a through paste.

Step 4. Take it out, once paste is made out of it.

Step 5. Heat 1 spoon oil or butter in frying pan.

Step 6. Put this paste in heated oil/butter, for tempering to happen.

Step 7. Keep mixing it for one minute, add salt 1/5th spoon, 1/5th spoons pepper powder (optional) and the paste is ready to be taken with breads of any kind.

Its chili, spicy and opens up all senses. Worth trying on a lazy day!

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