Trying new kind of Eggy Pizza Crust- A different Pizza crust-Using Eggs and Gram Flour—Something new to try on a Sunday~~

It didn’t went as expected (smooth pizza crust), but still writing here for you to improve on the results. As next Sunday I will try something else, not this again. Hope to see gram flour Pizza base in grocery shops soon–Its nutritious and was tasty, just looks are not that good for what I tried- Why don’t you try it out !

Step 1. Take gram flour 1 cup, 1 spoon yeast, 2 eggs, mix it well to form a through mixture. Add pizza seasoning in the batter and 1 spoon sugar for yeast to ferment well. Beat it well.

Step 2. Keep it for half an hour. It is not like typical pizza dough, thick and hard, it quite a gentle mixture, exactly like the bakery cake pre-mix.

Step 3. Mix it well. Heat a pan, put 3 spoon oil on pan spread it in all directions

Step 4. Put the batter spoon by spoon on the pan in directions to make a circle. The batter will move in this way.

Step 5. Put oil on top, turn the side with help of a flap.

Step 6. Press it well, keep flame slow. Do it till baked. Better if you have an oven! I don’t have oven, hence my pizza base is looking bit brownish. Try in oven.

Step 7. Put the toppings cheese, pizza seasonings and heat in microwave for 1 – 2 minutes.

Sorry I was excited to taste the pizza crust that I did not put more efforts on toppings. Just cheese. Shall try more variants will blog when I try! You can try too, use microwave or oven instead of the pan. And let me know a better version of this to try on ~ ~

Published by Nidhika

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