Eggy Snacks- Eggy Potato Fries or Eggy Fries– Try Out- In 8 minutes only

This is Lightly Eggy Potatoes fries

You can share your heavily eggy Potato Fries or Eggy Fries Recipe to me too —

Ingredients: 2 potatoes, 2 eggs, salt, oil. That is it———-

Add any more spices as you like. I used just this–salt , green chili and some leaves.

Step 1. Take 2 potatoes, wash them and peel them. Wash after peeling again.

Step 2. Cut them in two parts. To each part — cut it in 4 long vertical lines, then cross cut in one horizontal lines. You can give any shape. This is the quickest way I find to make potato fries. You can make in shape of French Fries as well.

Step 3. Take 2 eggs and peel them off in a big bowl. Simultaneously heat oil to fry the potatoes. You can share your heavily eggy Potato Fries or French Fries Recipe too. So only 2 eggs for 2 potatoes.

Step 4. Optional–Put two strands of curry leaves in hot oil.

Then if you don’t have curry leaves– forget it put the cut potatoes in hot oil.

Step 5. Fry potatoes in the pan till they are brownish and taste for the crispness you need. May be 3-4 minutes it may take. I did on medium flame.

Step 6. When done–with frying potatoes and they taste like the yum Potato Fries. Put the contents of the pan in the bowl which had 2 beaten eggs. Mix well the potatoes and the eggs.

Step 7.You may optionally add coriander leaves now, and green chilli as per taste.

I added handful of coriander leaves and 3/4th green chili. These are optional. You may well be happy with just salt and mild red chili–all depends on your version of the dish.

Step 8. Heat 4-5 spoon oil in the same pan again. Empty the potato fries mixed with eggs in the pan.

Step 9. Mix well – Just like when you make scrambled eggs. Add salt as per taste in pan. Add any more spices as you like. I used just this–salt , green chili and some leaves.

You can make a super heavily eggy Potato Fries Recipe too.

Step 10. Keep moving and fliiping the sides, let it heat well, and keep tasting– I made it cook till brown. You may like saucy taste– Try your recipe—–

Step 11. Its is ready. Hot and super delicious. No words.

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