Eggy Semolina Bread – Spicy

Semolina is also called granulated wheat or suji !

Ingredients: Semolina – 1 cup, 2 eggs, 2 spoon oil. That is it.

Step 1. Semolina 1 cup. Heat it in a pan- put spices in it and optionally 1 spoon of butter. Add salt and chili and spices you have ready at hand.

I added pepper, oregano, Italian dressing mix, ginger power, salt, red chili, curry leave powder. You can use your tastes. These are optional for taste buds.

Heat it till the Semolina turns light brownish, on slow flame.

Step 2. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and mix the Semolina heated and spiced as above in beaten eggs. Mix well.

Step 3. Heat pan, add 2 spoon of oil in pan, spread the oil in all directions. Now spread the mixture of egg and cooked Semolina on pan. Spread well, cover all holes. Make a smooth layer on pan. After 30 seconds to 50 seconds on full flame, cut the bread in two parts and flip the sides of the bread.

Step 4. Flip the sides of bread again. Now put 1 cup of water in pan.

Step 5. Heat it on full flame for 3-4 minutes or as long as water is there.

Step 6. Heat it, you can see Semolina absorbing water and becoming fluffy. Water is drying up now. Don’t make it fully dry, just that much that there is no water there. If you do excess heating the bread will stick to pan. So if not certain , leave tiny drops of water there in pan.

Step 7. I made it dry enough. Cut in two more parts, as we need to flip the sides again, this time Semolina eggy bread is heavy so may break, unless you have a bigger spatula or use another pan.

Step 8. Flip sides again. It is ready and yummy to eat. Enjoy all in 10 minutes.

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