Is it ethical for robot to look like human and mix in crowds ? Question!

There is a recent talk in world on a robot asking for human face and even paying for it ! The news is given in reference section below [1]

The question is – Is it right ? Should a robot look like a human ? One must think lot of things before implementing this. There are two questions, first are we ready for human looking robots, second if still some want to make humanoid robots before fully testing the AI software’s in to be called – Robotic Simulation Labs, then can robots look like humans or do robots have rights to look like a human ?

The first question is on the capability of current AI software’s. Yes self driving cars are there, but making a humanoid robot which looks like a human, is like leaving a kid with adult body up in street. And for sure our AI algorithms, are not in adulthood right now, given Facebook recently appeared in news for such a concern for the AI algorithm, meaning the AI software inside the humanoid robot is not at an adulthood stage yet. So is it right to give it an adult face ?

Next question, is if you still decide to make an adult body and adult human looking robot. Then why don’t robot look like a robot only ? If one wants to test the capabilities of AI based robot, why dont it look like a robot then. There are two issues in it (1) The potential crime issue and (2) human rights issue. The first one concerns with the fact that human looking robots can be used to commit huge intelligent crimes if not regulated well, so why risk, when not ready to handle this ?

Another question concerning human faces for robots is: Why human faces, soon, you will need more faces then, every country will want their local face ! Is it ethical for robot to look like human and mix in crowds ? When pets can have a chip embedded in them for identity now a days, why don’t robot have a robotic face ? It is farsighted question for consequences ! One must look ahead and see what is the effect of humanoid robot infilteration in human population shall be.

Yes we need robots for many things, but this should not be used to make a clone of a human and send it to a place with artificial arms and same kind of personality and use the latest technology to remotely handle the robotic arms to make the real handshakes using the recent technologies and 5G! This way people can fool intelligence of robots as well, as the robots can have the hidden chip to be guided by the crime perpetuators.

Hence, my suggestion is to look at it from legal perspective as well, then from ethical viewpoints viz. is it ethical for a machine to look like humans ? Would we the kind humans not fall in love with human looking machines then. And more than that, they would then compete with humans as AI have self organizing maps as well and perception soon shall be part of humanoid robots! So think well and this is a simulation stage for humanoid robots, why one needs human face for robot in testing stage. Even our chat bots have emotions with emojis, so cant robot have emotions with robotic face ?



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