Rose Mousse [Caution: See if you can consume Rose]

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Caution: See if you can consume rose

The pink rose and the red rose, both taste a bit different and the way one preserves the roses makes it even more different, some people add cinnamon and some to add cardamom in it as well, while preserving rose in sugar.

Ingredients – The Simplest way

  1. Rose preserved in sugar – How to preserve rose in sugar – look for in my other article.
  2. Cream or white chocolate, whatever base you wish to take for mousse, be it peanut based, or dry-fruit based. You may try your version out, I had a basic version at my end, for my consumption.
  3. Other toppings for decorations and taste


  1. Take the rose petals, cleaned and well preserved in sugar. Make sure, the rose petals are organic and free form agricultural chemicals to the maximum. See my other article on how to make this rose preserve.
  2. Mix it in a mixture grinder to make a smooth mixture.
  3. Then add in the form you like Mousse to take, white chocolate, milk cream or any other way you make Mousse with- be it peanut based Mousse.
  4. Decorate and serve, note the rose petals are preserved in sugar for best taste so add sugar accordingly.

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