Stuffing’s of Green Peas and Carrot – Steaming Hot – Stuffed Meal in Oil Free Patty

Here I explain the recipe in two parts- The Green Peas and Carrot Stuffing for Carrot and the second part is making of oil free patty to put the stuffing’s in.

Ingredients: Green Peas – 1 cup, 2 carrots and 1 cup of refined flour, 2 spoon of oil for taste of stuffing’s.

1. Making the the Stuffing’s — With Green Peas and Carrots–for oil free Patty

Step 1. Take 2 carrots, wash them and peel off the outer cover of carrots. And cut them in two parts. Then slice it in further smaller parts.

Step 2. Take – 1 cup of green peas and wash them.

Step 3. Heat three spoon of oil in a frying pan.

Step 4. Put the washed green peas and carrot in the pan. Note this shall have some water contents. So keep flame of heat very low. And washed vegetables add to taste when cooked as we shall fry it for a while before putting in water.

Step 5. Heat this for 2-3 minutes, make sure water does not dry out- it adds taste to the cooked green peas and carrot, when fried in oil before putting in water to make it softer.

Step 6. Add 2 bowl of water in the pan and let it heat on high temperature.

Step 7. Let it heat, till it heats dry, you can follow the steps below and make the oil free patty to put this mixture in.

Step 8. It is dry, soft and ready to eat. Add salt and red chili as per taste.

Step 9. Heat it further for few more seconds while you mix the salt and chili in pan, for extra dry and it shall be ripe still (it was fried when wet)

2. Making the oil free Patty

Step 1. Take the refined flour and knead it with water and make it a solid, just as one makes a knead for pizza base. However, there is no yeast and fermentation agent here.

Step 2. Spread it wide on the slab.

Step 3. Cut two rectangles in the expanded kneaded flour with a knife.

Step 4. Remove extra parts from the slab, all but these two rectangular kneaded flour.

Step 5. Put one rectangular flour spread over the another one, as shown below.

Step 6. Take a fork or a knife and make sure 3 sides of rectangles are well pressed in — so that they stick together even after being heated, leave one side open.

Step 7. Put this on the pan on low to medium flame.

Step 8. Heat it on pan, keep changing the side. No oil needed.

Step 9. It is ready now, see how it looks.

Step 10. Change the side and see it is well heated and ready.

Step 11. Put in a fork or knife in that part that was left open, and it opens up itself.

Step 12. Hold it vertical and open it and put in the stuffing’s made above of green peas and carrot.

Step 13. Do same for other oil free patties made as above. Decorate the extra green peas and carrots in plate, which can be consumed. Make sure the stuffing’s are heated in pan as steaming hot while filling in the patties.

Steaming hot and ready to eat.

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