The Grand Park Of Souls

(All characters in this poem are fictitious and does not exist. Its is purely for imaginary dreamily fictional purpose for pleasures, art and entertainment only. Audience age > 21 )

The Grand Park of Souls

There in sky,

Within the reach of sight,

Well between the stars,

Right in the center, Lies the Grand Park.

The Grand Park of Souls,

Where we the souls bud as flowers on the Soul Trees

The trees which came from Grand Forest In the Grand Park of Souls.

There is the tree up in sky on which I grew as a flower with crown

The leaves are green and I was colorful

The smells I emmited

The fragrance I spread

As I opened my petals

Sitting in the middle of the flower

I was seen by him

His aroma

His lights caught mine

Even before we could meet

as one souls- two but one

They entangled one over another

The aura we emitted

Fell in love With The essence of mine

And the desire of his!

There we decided and

No one said a word

He took my hand

And pulled me out of my flower

There we fly up in sky

Ran to the Jungle of Souls

And to the fruit land of ours

Grew up and landed in our new world

For we ran from our past

Even till now

Why love birds have to run

For thy knew there were no options

We are the Souls from the Grand Park

One day we will go back

to the Park

To tell to the world

Our efforts dosnt lasted in vain

And more than that

Love just grows

Be many pains

It will grow

One day the Grand Park will know

The reasons

And rename itself to

Love Park for all our scarifies

We shall wait for that day

In the Love Park, where we came from!

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