Two Girls: Fairy Tales

(All characters in this poem are fictitious and does not exist. Its is purely for imaginary dreamily fictional purpose for pleasures, art and entertainment only. Audience age > 21 )

This poem is included in the novel: Two Girls: Fairy Tales

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Two girls we are..

Oh thy so difficult to understand

But there on Magical Lands

Where we came from

There we play, sing and dance

We fly past mountains to the skies

We touch the ambers and get in diamonds

Here we came to visit this grand planet

Oh the food is tasty so are scents.

The nights are beautiful so are days on beaches.

For all we see is beauty even while doing our duty

To the third planet we go round and round.

Hopping over Pluto and riding fast round Neptune.

This solar system is our garden and planets our play grounds.

We give dreams all for free, all the night and all the daylights.

The colored crystals are our friends and diamonds in our wristbands.

For when we are on Earth wear necklace of flowers not of precious stones.

When on Jupiter we wear gold and silver.

On moon just the rays all around our neck.

The invisible butterflies there call us fairies. We are their stars.

Oh thy Venus calls us loud here we jump to their calls.

The plants are blue and the surface is shiny.

And oh my dear it cant be seen with a human sight.

Look beyond imagination you will see us, up upon the clouds we take a ride to the Artic we fly.

We hop and hop to reach Mercury and there we sleep and it not hot for us there, for we are spirits and we cant melt.

And here we jump into the sun, the yellow crystal and the big glass house inside.

Yes there is a guest house for us in there. For we are spirits and we don’t melt.

We shine and shine — more and more

For this solar system is our playground.

We are spirits and we learned to fly long back.

Back to Mars–where the water ran out—To the skies where we fly, our friends are there waiting for us with an open hug!

To Saturn where we turn. Some moon rides around its satelights

Time to go back.

For we are spirits and lots of works awaits our voice.

For we are sprits and we come together flying on an astroid.

Call us again and there we will ride on a shooting star up in sky.

And call us louder and we will run on in a metroid.

See you next time baby, duty time over, its time to go past your solar system….

For we are spirits and we came from magical lands to give you dreams to dream more!

Good bye!

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