Two Girls: Fairy Tales – A story to live!

(All characters in this poem are fictitious and does not exist. Its is purely for imaginary dreamily fictional purpose for pleasures, art and entertainment only. Audience age > 21 )

About my new book-

This is my upcoming book—“Two Girls and One Body” . A must read for fairy tales fun and cherishing the beauty of spirits!

In this novel which you can consider as a fairy tale or a fiction as you like you will find the beauty and duty of these two spirits as they open their wings on Earth. They came from MPlanet-The magical Planet to fight for their twin planet problems–which is Earth! Here is the poem that describes them and my book some parts. Two Girls: Fairy Tales

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Summary to the story(novel) -“Two Girls One Body”

Up in skies on two clouds, blue and grey. We sit and dance, till it rains. Yes we are two girls, two female spirits. Why we come on Earth, we come in one body and as two spirits. She is my mother and I am her daughter. On its not a horror story as we are fairies. This is a big enough an introduction. We came here to enjoy the fruits of Earth, the joy of Earths and most importantly to experience the love of Earth all along following our duties. For this planet is a place of duty for us. We don’t like coming here enough but the fruits they grow and the flower that blossom call us and we cant reject such lovely greetings.

We are two spirits but one, we are separate but inseparable. We are one but she is elder, we like fun but she dominates with her experience. This is not our tale but our truth. You will learn more of us and our hearts, our love and our challenges as we climb up the highest hills. Hills of treasures of wisdom and not lacking troubles of the days. All that for one man– the man she loves–yes one man!

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