You are as beautiful as your soul is, don’t compare with your human body

Look within your skin

Look inside yourself

You are as beautiful as your thoughts

Look in mirrors

And see how beautiful you are

Not the body, but the soul

You are as beautiful as you think of

As beautiful as your wants

As serene as your belongings

Look inside your dreams

Look at the desires

You have all the beauty of that your hopes have

You are as awesome

As handsome as the things you collect

As pretty as the paints you draw

They are are just mnemonics of your pursuits of charm

As much as you want the smile back from other faces

Faces that may not even know you

But still, you expect the twinkles back to you

You are as blessed as anyone can even think one can be

Beauty is within you

Not in the outer image

Yes, one tries to match the inner beauty with outer looks

But beauty is inside you

Dear don’t look outside

Just look inside

All the joy you have

The childish side

The adult side

The youthful side

Oh, yes the old side too

It’s all inside you

You are as young as your soul is

You are as pretty as your sprits are!

So don’t think twice

Rejoice thrice!

Published by Nidhika

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