We Met on The Roads Of Hope

I have hope, I will reach there

I have hope, good will happen

I have hope, that is the biggest hope

Yes, you have hope,

That’s your biggest power

Have hope to start

Have hope that the troubles end

We both have strength

If we just have more hope

We met each other,

On the roads of hope

Let’s begin another journey

A journey on roads of hopes

The roads have to travelled with feet’s

Who knows!

If You and I, find a horse ride there

To the next bus stop

To reach the top

The top is your destination

And it may be in deep gold mine too!

We are different

So are our wishes

Hence our hope

And so are our roads

Mine and your destinations

May not be same

But we met here on this Road

A common path, we travel together

To rejoice together

Plan and perform nicer

And even more than that Hope the better

You  have hope, You will reach there

You have hope, good will happen

You have hope, that is your biggest hope

Let’s begin another journey

A journey on the carpets of hopes

The carpets may fly us with

This is the hope, which comes with

The carpet of hardwork and perseverance

They are the tools of hope

On these roads we both met

The roads leads to happiness

Welfare and strength

With it, the carpet bring in

The confidence, the power

The true feeling of accomplishments

Yes, the carpet of pursuance of goals

You are not alone on this road

You met me

I met her

He met him

On this same roads

In this network of roads

Which look like entangled threads

From up above in skies

Hope we meet again

On this or another road of hopes

Welcomed by carpets of pursuits

And hope of hopes being fulfilled

We met each other first,

On the roads of hope

Published by Nidhika

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