Quick Monday Breakfast -Boiled Eggs With Spices & Black Pepper, Fresh Coriander Leaves, Oregano

Its Monday morning, ready to steer with work, with a lethargic view as you didn’t wanted the weekend to get over. Still, you have to cook a quick breakfast for yourself and a delicious enough to give you a good start. All you need is Black Pepper, Fresh Coriander Leaves, Oregano, Salt…and more spices as you wish such as you can try various Sauces too–Mayonnaise, South west ..

All these ingredients gives a the taste buds a sensory tinge with benefits to health. Simple it is–

  1. Boil eggs, while you get ready–10 minutes
  2. Peel it, and cut it in a plate
  3. Put coriander leaves, black pepper, oregano, salt. (Sauces as per choice-South-west, ginger-garlic, Mayonnaise …)
  4. Enjoy the healthy breakfast with tea/coffee/fruit juice
  5. Light and healthy–for weight conscious ppl

Published by Nidhika

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