Weekdays (Woccentags)

Montag (Monday)– Ready to embrace the new week

With a hug and pat on back

You are ready to move on with life


Yet another week,

Still another chance to do better,

Intent little more higher

You endeavor this week to be greater than last,

Hopeful still not compulsive

Chunk by chunk,

Fragment by fragment


You shall reach higher

Ready to get ready

Though not without the hot cup of coffee


It takes time

To adjust again in chair

To get back to chores

After giving a good bye kiss to estranged beloved weekend


Oh it Montag (Monday)

You are gearing up for the week to come

With all the strengths

With Monday blues


Tomorrow is Tuesday

You would be on full spear and move

To produce work, both at home and office

You multi task

You over task


The day after is Mittwoch (Wednesday)

The middle of the week

Trying hard to accomplish the goals set for week

You triumph in work and balance


Then comes the graph bit down

Most work set is near completion

Friday is just over the corner

Just a venture off the cliff to the next

You finishing most tasks


And here comes Friday (Freitag)

And you are ready to release all

The energies of high work sprits

Giving the weekly targets

Finishing the files

To let you lose on for a great Saturday Night


All this through Monday

Heading to a an ambitious week

And drawing to a chosen weekend

Cozy, or party filled as per your wishes

Wishes of working hard

And relishing the way you demand

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