Green Eggy Lunch- In 10 minutes

Ingredients: Green Spinach Leaves


Green FENUGREEK Leaves- Fresh ,

1 Potato, 1 green chilli, salt, oil, 3 eggs

Have carbs, proteins, fresh green vegetables, what else one needs ?

Caution: It uses 8 spoon of oil. Unless you choose to boil it and reduce the oil requirements— Yes you can make a recipe in which you boil potato and green fresh leaves in little water. And then use it. This will reduce oil requirements to 2 spoon at end– while scrambling egg.

And if you don’t want oil at all– —ZERO OIL—Here is fix for you——— Boil the vegetable and boil eggs– Mix boiled eggs—in the end–and then fry it without oil, to dry the water left while boiling, It would be yum still. Make this ZERO OIL one yourself please and share receipe.

I love fried ones-more. But boiled one is also good. Just that boiled one need some spices and sauces to eat with.

Here is recipe with green fresh 100 grams FENUGREEK leaves. See if you like the taste of FENUGREEK leaves. I love FENUGREEK leaves. They are good for many reasons, check your needs. Use Spinach leaves if you do not like bitter taste of FENUGREEK. I love it.

You can use spinach as well – fresh one. You can even use capsicum.

Hence in recipe below I am writing — cut green vegetable instead of specifying which one.

Step 1. Take 100 grams cut green vegetable leaves. Wash them and cut the lower part of the roots.

Step 2. Take one potato, wash it and peel it off with pealer.

Step 3. Cut this potato in very small pieces with knife. Use scissors to cut the green vegetable leaves in small part. As shown below.

Step 4. In a frying pan, heat some oil, 4-5 spoons.

Step 5. Once oil is heated close the gas, or slow the flame and put in cut potato in the pan, right after put the cut green vegetable in pan.

Step 6. Mix the ingredients in pan.

Step 7. Keep mixing else ingredients will stick to the pan. Keep moving the spatula. If you think it is sticking you may add extra oil. I didn’t add any extra oil. In the mean time break 3 eggs in a bowl.

Step 8. Keep mixing in pan. Taste the potato, it should be soft to eat by now. And shall be brownish. We don’t want them to be as brown as in French fries. We want them soft here. Rest is your wish how you like it as a taste.

Step 9. Once potato is soft to be consumes the way you like–the softness you need- My was done in 2-3 minutes. Take it out in a bowl — all contents of the frying pan.

Step 10. In the same frying pan, put 4-5 spoon of oil again. And heat it. Once it is heated put in beaten 3 eggs mixture in pan.

Step 11. Put the cut green vegetable in the pan right after. And start mixing just as we do in making scrambled eggs.

Step 12. Keep mixing. Add one cut green chili — you can cut it with scissors–

And add salt as per taste– I took 1/2 small spoon of salt.

Step 13. Keep mixing, I love fully cooked eggs– You can close flame as per your tastes. Dish is ready.

Step 14. Serve it hot. Eat it hot. Perfect breakfast. Have carbs, proteins, fresh green vegetables, what else one needs ? And it is tasty.

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