Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs

Ingredients: Green leaves – I took spinach and fenugreek leaves, 100 grams, 3 eggs, Mayo, salt, green/red chili, other spices as per taste. These green leaves have a specific taste and cant be eaten without bread, use any refined flour bun/bread with it. Step 1. Cut and wash some green spinach and fenugreek leaves, IContinue reading “Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs”

Green Eggy Lunch- In 10 minutes

Ingredients: Green Spinach Leaves OR Green FENUGREEK Leaves- Fresh , 1 Potato, 1 green chilli, salt, oil, 3 eggs Have carbs, proteins, fresh green vegetables, what else one needs ? Caution: It uses 8 spoon of oil. Unless you choose to boil it and reduce the oil requirements— Yes you can make a recipe inContinue reading “Green Eggy Lunch- In 10 minutes”