Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs

Ingredients: Green leaves – I took spinach and fenugreek leaves, 100 grams, 3 eggs, Mayo, salt, green/red chili, other spices as per taste. These green leaves have a specific taste and cant be eaten without bread, use any refined flour bun/bread with it.

Step 1. Cut and wash some green spinach and fenugreek leaves, I had just these two greens leaves with, see what is available in your region.

Step 2. Grinde the above taken washed greens in grinder. [these will be mildly wet]

Step 3. Heat oil in pan- 3-4 spoons.

Step 4. Close stove and add the mixture in grinder and put on stove again.

Step 5. Heat it for a while, it may take time else the taste of spinach would be quite raw. Keep moving with spatula in pan. Let it condense to solid sauce.

Step 6. Taste it now, add salt, green chili/red chili as per taste, other spices as per taste, I added just these and some pepper. You can add ginger powder for added flavor. Keep moving it is not solid like a paste and tastes much cooked. You can see the taste changes.

Step 7. Take it off in a plate, and let it cool, peel the boiled eggs now.

Step 8. Cut the eggs on the green and mix mayo in it now. This is the green sause with mayo in it.

Step 9. Mix well and it is ready, add toppings as per taste. Eat with a bread for best taste, any refined flour bread.

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