The Rose Cake or Rose Pie or Rose Muffins – What should it be called ? [Caution: Check if you can consume Rose ]

Here I present the recipe I made for first time- called Rose Pie ! Rose cakes or Rose muffins ! I don’t know what to call it perhaps. I made it for my consumption, as rose do suit my body, check your body before trying rose, I even consume rose petals grown in my garden in rose tea! See your body please!

Step 1. Take one bowl of refined flour, 2 scoops of preserved sweet dried rose in condensed form (explained below), half bowl of oil.

Step 2. I prepare rose petal in dry form, preserved in sugar – it is available in market as rose jam, in India this is also called gulkand, however my recipe to make rose jam was but different. Since these rose petals are preserved in sugar, this is sweet and sticky and tasty on its own, but cant be eaten as it is too sweet. I prefer organic rose, which don’t have traces of farming chemicals to make preserved sweet rose.

Step 3. Add baking powder 1/4th spoon, or as per likings, and mix the ingredients.

Step 4. Mix

Step 5. Mix well

Step 6. Oil the microwave bowl with oil for heating

Step 7. Mix for a while

Step 8. Mix till cake consistency is obtained well.

Step 9. Add sugar and mix well

Step 10. Fill in the microwave bowl.

Step 12. The following are the baking steps described in pictures and this baking was performed in microwave, and in end it is the pie ready!

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