PeaNuts/Dry-fruit based Ice Cream or Puddings with No Milk Products – 15 minutes

Note similar recipe is for dry-fruit based ice-creams and puddings – however I here give peanuts based recipe as I am running out of dry fruits.

Note: These are my recipes, test it for your suitability.

Ingredients: bambino vermicelli – 2 bowl, 100 grams peanuts, and berries (optional), any fruit can be used on as top up. That is it!

Step 1. Take 100 grams of peanuts

Step 2. Wash it – as mine were salted, take off all salt out of it

Step 3. Grinde it in mixture grinder- I did it with hand blender with some small amount of water in vessel

Step 4. Grinde it to become smooth paste add some more water

Step 5. Now all nuts are minsed in paste add some water to make it milk like

Step 6. Beat it well with blender. Empty it in a frying pan.

Step 7. Take 2 bowl of dry bambino vermicelli and heat it in 2 glass of water.

Step 8. I am good at musltitasking, you can to it one after other. I heated both the pans together – bambino vermicelli and the peanuts milk.

Step 9. Keep moving both the peanut milk and bambino vermicelli in water.

Step 10. Peanut milk will solidfy in 2 minutes time. That is when we need to close the heating.

Step 11. bambino vermicelli is ready to be put in solidified milk of peanut. Mix it in pan.

Step 12. The mixture is ready, can be put to freeze to become ice cream or I took it hot as it is cold here now a days.

Step 13. Top it up with a fruit cream. I prepared berry cream– the way I described in last recipe I posted.

Berry Cream- Take berries add few spoons of water and grinde it well in grinder. Its is ready– My mixture grinder is not working so it is seeming bit coarse in this pic. It should be like a cream. Any fruit can be used as toppings.

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