Broccoli Bun made with Heat of Steam – Hot Broccoli Refined Flour Bun with STEAM HEATED VEGETABLES- Spicy!

Here is the receipt I made. A short recipe for this steaming hot treat. Given, I got a chance to have a Broccoli and I love it, so I tried something new–A new dish called Steaming hot Broccoli bun, with steamed hot Vegetables. The bun is heated in stream, till it is cooked to eat well. Similar things are MawMaws, however, there are no broccoli mawmaws I ever had or I ever heard off. And difference between spring roll and this is this is cooked with stream of water, it makes the thin dough roll translucent and tastes really good. Try, it may take some time though.

Ingredients: 2 Red Raw Chilli, 1 spoon Black Pepper, one fourth spoon salt, Broccoli, 2 spoon of oil, Wheat Flour – 1 bowl.

See if you can bear this much red chilli, chilli tastes good when vegetables are steaming hot.


Step 1: Take refined flour, cut the raw red chilli in small parts, add 1 spoon black pepper – half spoon in this, 2 spoon of oil, one fourth spoon salt.

Step 2. Mix well, with small quantities of water to make a good dough out of it.

Step 3. Take one broccoli and wash it.

Step 4. Cut the Broccoli flowers in small parts.

Step 5. Take a small part of dough – 1 inch square. And spread it on the slab to roll it out.

Step 6. Put a piece of Broccoli on the rolled dough.

Step 7. Cover this Broccoli in the way you like, any design with the covering up of this Broccoli with the dough. Here is my design.

Step 8. Heat water in a frying pan or vessel and cover it with a sieve from which water vapours can REACH THE VEGETABLES AND THE BUN into —STEAM HEATING —IS AIM!  Here is how I did it.

Step 9. Do the same with other Broccoli cut pieces and the dough with oil you made. Try literally any design with it. May be a really big Bun with all the broccoli in it. Here is how I made a  long looking one like this. We all know our favourite dish like this, rolls, spring rolls, wraps and even many other things. But the difference here shall be this will all be streaming hot-and with spices.

Then I covered it from both sides, as:

Step 10. Heat all the pieces you made. Put the remaining Broccoli in this sieve to be heated in on top of boiling water- THIS IS CALLED STEAM HEATING OF VEGETABLES

Step 11. Keep changing sides, flip it over, and in a while you can see the food is cooked for me. It took me around 20 minutes, make sure the water is not dried in the pan, and to replenish the dried water. Here are the intermediate looks while I filled in more water in pan.

Once ready, time to serve.

The ones that are ready, shall turn a bit translucent, you can taste a few, to know if they are cooked well, as well. 

Take them in a plate, as shown below, cut it in half, sprinkle on it balck pepper and red chilli, I took raw red chilli, cut in parts. Here are the steps.

Cut it in half

Sprinkle black pepper and red chilli on it.

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