All in Only 10 minutes – Hot Spicy stuffed Patty Puffs with what you want in it! Stuff Your Own Choice and Any Fillings!

Try Out Your Lentils, Chickpeas or Un-cooked or cooked Veggies of your choice INSIDE Own Customised Puffs! Make your Own Stuffed Spicy Hot Patty Puffs! It has no Baking Powder! It is Fresh!

Ingredients: 1 bowl of refined wheat flour, Oil for deep frying – 2 bowls (this shall be all not used, just a dip in oil would be needed, all oil won’t be used, so relax), and 1 spoon of black pepper and raw red chilli-1 + the filling of Puff you like—I took lentils as filling.

Caution: This is deep fried food, see if you can consume deep fried things.

5 minutes to boil lentils or to make your vegetables boil, or cut raw vegetables, 5 minutes to make the dough, roll it and deep fry it! In total 10 minutes. At times we all love deep fried Hot Treats.

Step 1. Take 1 bowl of refined flour. 

Step 2. Slightly put water from a serving spoon in this bowl, keep mixing water in dough. Make sure it is a nice dough, not sticky, not hard.

Step 3. Mix dough again till it is soft and nice, dough.

Step 4. Heat 2 bowl of oil in frying pan.

Step 5. Roll 1.5 inch cubic area of dough on a slab to any form you like, don’t worry if it is not a full circle, you can use plate to give the right shape.

Step 6. Cut this in two parts.

Step 7. Fill one spoon of fillings you would like in your fresh Hot Puffs. I took boiled yellow lentils mixed with pepper and red chilli, or any other spices you like.

Step 8. Fold one part over the other. 

Step 9. Cover the other part  over this fold. 

Step 10. Try making another design on the next part, I made one square, one circle, time for triangle now, as next.

Step 11. Press well to make sure it all sticks well.

Step 12. Heat oil well and slow the flame, or close the flame and put the piece you made, slowly very slowly, as oil is hot, if you put it with a jerk, it may hurt, so slowly put in, from one side, to other.

Step 13. Put the other piece as well, slowly in the frying pan.

Step 14. Flip the side, as it turns golden brown, and take it out on plate, when both sides turn golden brown.

Step 15. Time to make another design for the Patty Puff. Roll the dough on slab and make it a circle, or any design you like.

Step 16. Put in the filling, I used boiled lentils with pepper and raw red chilli. Fill as much as you like, fill as much fat you want the patty puff to be.

Step 17. Cover it up from one side.

Step 18. Cover it up from other side as well. 

Step 19.  Fold the base now, making it a triangle. 

Step 20. Press the joints well, to stick to each other, no water needed, no oil needed to join it, however if you wish to use these you can.

Step 21. Put it slowly in hot oil, and let it cook. Flip the side now.

Step 22. Filp slowly.

Step 23. Let the other side fry well in oil.

Step 24. Flip few  times, and check for the crispiness you want, for me golden brown is best taste, soft, best, simple!

Step 25. Take it out on plate now.

Step 26. Ready to serve! 

Stuff with your choice of fillings. I choose, lentils. Here is how I made it.

Step 1. Take the fillings you want to put in fresh puffs of refined wheat flour. I took one bowl of yellow lentils.

Step 2. Wash lentils in freshwater.

Mine was bit muddy:

Step 3. Wash it well, till water is clear.

Step 4. Heat it in pan for 5 minutes, and till double amount of water makes lentils soft to eat.

Step 5. Don’t know why this while form was there on top. I removed it though. Put 1 spoon of black pepper and cut one raw red chilli to be added to it.

Step 6.  Heat it well, keep tasting if lentils are soft to eat, you can add any kind of lentils it it. Just see it is soft enough to eat. I used yellow lentils they are fastest too cook- 5 minutes.

Step 7. I don’t know why form was in my pan, but I removed it all, as I didn’t liked it much, so, then, my lentils looked clean and ready, dry it fully by heating in the pan only as it will be put in the puff, so heat it more till it is dried on pan. Keep moving spatula so that it does not dry up.

Step 8. Dry it up fully, keep moving spatula.

Here it is dried, ready to be filled in the patty puff!

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