Spicy Crunchy Fresh Rice Breads in All in 5 minutes – Chilly Spicy and Hot! No Baking Agents!

This is 5 minutes recipe to make fresh rice breads in 5 minutes at home, these are crunchy, spicy and flavoured with raw red chilli!  Have it with any sauce! I had it with coriander flavoured sauce.

It is super crunchy, and spicy, with taste of raw red chilli. Raw red chilli tastes better than chilli powder for sure! It’s fresh.

Ingredients: 1 cup of raw rice, half cup of refined flour or wheat flour, as per availability, 2 raw red chilli, 1 spoon of black pepper and little less than half spoon of salt. And 5 minutes.

Why raw red chillis, the red chilli powder is good, but nothing like taste of raw red chilli, we can have 5 seconds to cut the red chilli with scissors, for the real taste! Just 5-10 seconds to cut raw red chilli in small parts…

Step 1. Take one bowl of rice, as I didn’t wash this rice. If your rice is dirty, you can clean it with water. Mine was clean. It’s ok if you use wet clean rice as ultimately we have t add water in mixture.

Step 2. Put this in a mixture grinder.

Step 3. Grind it well, it will become a refined rice, flour.

Step 4. Check how fine the granules are now in grinder, grind it for half minute more, to make it as refine as it can be. And no problem, if it can’t be refined more as in any ways refined flours or wheat flour have to be mixed in this.

Step 5. Add one-half bowl of refined flour in this now, 1 spoon of black pepper, 2 raw red chillies cut with scissors. 

Step 6. Add some water and mix in this rice flour.

Step 7.  Keep mixing and keep adding water till dough is tight.

Step 8. See if the dough has sticking capability, this is needed to roll and cook it on pan. If it does not have sticking capabilities yet, add some more of refined flour/wheat flour and mix it well. I added 2 spoons more of refined flour in it. Now it had sticking property, a kind of elasticity, with which it can be rolled into bread.

Step 9.  Take a part of this dough to be rolled into a bread, and cover it with dry flour, to roll it on slab, you can roll it on slab to make any shape, I have a practise of naturally making round shape, you can make any shape and cut it with plate or bowls of your choice to give any shape.

Step 10. Time to put it on pan on gas stove. Put one spoon of oil on pan, when you put it. Flip side then with help of a tong, and then put small amount of oil on top of other side as well, so that both sides are greased in oil, or you may use butter, or even clarified butter. I used cooking oil. When golden brown on both sides, take it off the pan, it is ready.

Take it with Sause, I took it with Coriander Flavoured Sause!

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