Emotional maturity and mental maturity

Emotional maturity and mental maturity when in one packet it adds shine to diamonds. Some are good at emotional intelligence but can’t solve problems which requires higher brain intelligence. However, good news is emotional intelligence can be learned. Yeah everyone have different levels of functioning of brains, but emotional intelligence can be taught. It can be learned to some extent.

Why human choices are laughed at ! How to deal with it from early education levels at schools. These things should be taught in as early as school level to kids, to respect others faults.

I read a post on LinkedIn by a leader of Social Value, saying she was laughed at once. Well there are many ways to look at it. I was myself laughed at so many times, many times. She mentioned that, that Manager of hers is giving speech at break the bias, 2022. Asking have they learned something?

Some never show hurts, some heal their wounds.

My view on this thing are as follows:

May be they were thinking of something else and laughed at other thing and you took it on you, this happens at times, esp. when one feels self conscious.

Organisational measures that should be taken here for making everyone feel relaxed in organisations are as follows:

  1. Emotional maturity and mental maturity can be combined, given emotional maturity can be learned.
  2. Self esteem needs to be encouraged in organisations and breaks to be given, even to perfectly healthy people, as every human needs some relaxation.
  3. Monthly per-mensural syndrome on which even fellow women laughed on me many times, imagine women can’t understand another women’s pain. These need to be openly taken care of at workplace.
  4. Everyone is different. Some have similing face, some sensitive, some get cry in brink, some laugh even in their pains, some smile while bleeding too and say “I am ok, get the other one out of the mine”. Neurodiversity should recognise this fact too.
  5. Almost every one, have some problem. Everyone is recovering, and everyone have seen personal pains.
  6. Not many talk of personal hurdles at work, given we go there for motives, to accomplish.
  7. Yes, open breaks should be given without much reasons, given we all are human beings, not robots. This is why farewells are given in organisations.
  8. Many used to laugh on my power glasses, said, you can’t see board, I had -4 power. I didn’t like to wear specs, as didn’t had good glasses back then, as all I had was weird pair of glasses.
  9. Some called me nerd, studious & laughed on me.
  10. Many laughed on me for not knowing about relationships, some called me a kid, as I didn’t had boyfriend and asked questions about relationship which female friends around me avoided to answer.
  11. Everyone is on learning process.
  12. Newer things can be learned, just like new smart phones use, are being learned.
  13. No one can be born with MBA degree.
  14. People to be educated for access to medication.
  15. Self helps, healings, hypnosis, can be taught as alternative cures.
  16. Ask them did you laugh on me, or something else, to clear the air.
  17. These things should be taught in as early as school level to kids, to respect others faults.
  18. Emotional intelligence can be taught as much as a subject to girls and boys equally, with help of ICT.

Why to laugh on not able to use fork on left and knife on right, Some still can’t learn it, despite so many teachings on it. Unless it is part of the work, profession they do, then they must know it, else resign, choose more suitable job.

Why to laugh at things that hurt other, be it any, be it the color of shirt or pants one wear. Can’t a girl wear blue pants and a boy wear baby polka dots pink shirt? It hurts.

Why to laugh on an imperfectly worn scarf, She never had time to learn perfect scarf wearing tips. Why to laugh on her for it. It hurts. Unless it’s a formal professional meeting and she was well trained for the D-Day.

Why to laugh on someone in crush or love with a person who never reciprocated.

Why to laugh on imperfect tie or an imperfect cap. Unless one is trained to make it perfect as a part of their profession or life.

Some still can’t learn, if bowl is to be kept on left or right of plate, on dinning table. Do they need to be scolded? No, if it is not their profession. Yes, if it is their profession.

Why to make someone look down, if she have not found time, to repaint her nails, with new nail paint.

Why to laugh on baldness, rising on some people. It can make them feel bad too.

Why to laugh on someone’s torn shoes and worn out school bags. May be this is what they had.

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