Limits and Laws On Flying Vehicles & Flying Objects

Note: This article is based on my views on the topic. This does not relate to any government in anywhere on globe, this does not comes from any ruling party in world. These are my own independent viewpoints, whether in law already or not in law, irrespective of that.

This week saw the news of new flying car. Wonder what laws are written for it, given flying objects are not new to us and their use as in corona curfews were avid. There has been a wide speculation on flying vehicles. There are reasons for which people, individuals and companies try these. But it must be noted that flying vehicles/objects should not be used beyond the practicing or testing areas unless permitted. The reasons to limit flying vehicles of any size can vary from plain adventure to real use of transportation and even an SOS. That depends on purpose, but allowing flying vehicles without permission to operate can be hazardous to environment, birds, structures and life forms, and this can be harmful to humans from point of view of safety and security both.

The time is now, to impose laws on flying vehicles. The reason is that flying vehicles can interfere in current security frameworks. The way to include flying vehicles in the current infrastructure is by timely phase by phase workout of stages of flying vehicles, be they be low flying drones, or sophisticated flying cars.

Now, no one can rule out the comfort and in many cases the timely advent of flying vehicles to the residents where problems are there, be these problems be of supply or of environmental catastrophe. The aim is to note the advantages and how the advantages weigh over the current framework of laws of vehicles which can’t fly.

The flying vehicles may own an edge over other vehicles which works only with wheel. Speed and accuracy in difficult terrain is one thing. But when these special conditions are not there, one needs to define limits and laws, on flying vehicles. Even the tradeoff’s need to be understood of when a flying bus is better than a wheel based bus. For example, travelling to a mountain is often associated with roads with no protection rails by sides. Here, flying bus, if passed for its adequate performance and no risks may take over such works. Still, there are things, under which the the flying bus may and shall operate. Other use is in recuse missions, from calamities, or any emergency, given planes can’t land on broken roads at times. These may take time, but if one thinks in lines of futuristic developments, it can lead to better outputs.

These flying vehicles can be as small as drones to as big as a public utility bus. These ranges can be low flying busses to high flying drones, and vice versa. The combination can be many, hence the limits can create many set of laws. These are needed so as to allow the regular traffic work, least loss to humans, animals and ecosystems.

There may need to be having laws on its creation, possession, acquisition, maintenance and operations. However, one needs to be familiar with comprehensive laws governing all these points. Apart from that the range of height a vehicle (small or big) may fly is totally subject to rules for above five characteristics.

The possible reasons to consider, limits and laws, on these should be as follows:

1. Manage the areas where one can fly, public or private flying vehicles of any size. Public and Private flying objects, need different approach.

2. Manage and restrict the height of flying vehicle of any size. Height should not interfere with

  • a. The Arial Population of running Aircraft’s of all types,
  • b. It should not interfere in birds paths
  • c. Should not enter forest area for short cuts, unless, urgently required
  • d. Residential areas and utilities to be taught to drivers of these flying objects
  • e. Driving Licences with the order of remote flying, automated flying or in-person flying, to be considered

However, these can be relaxed in case of any essential use, defined, and for necessary concerns as are part of the draft when once listed.

3. Why these needs to be documented ?

  • Firstly, security purposes,
  • Secondly, unauthorised gain and use, given many flying objects are small flying devises, these issues have to be worked out.
  • Thirdly, this is needed, for clear skies and safety of birds flying areas and so on. Birds too need their paths.
  • Fourthly, this makes things clear for new ventures, avenues, rights and wrongs.
  • Fifth, these are up coming technologies, one should have foresight to see the right working of things.
  • Finally, hacking challenges especially of remote controlled devise or automated objects/drones.

4. The working path or allowed travel path to flying entities need to be regulated

5. The Flying objects Police, just like we have traffic policing, any mobility infrastructure needs the mobility guards.

In case the bills are passed on it, would love to know. To best of my knowledge there are not many limits and laws. Though our future is limitless but we need to co exists, with birds and not be rash to fly on air, just for a energy spike. Be sympathetic, low ranging flights can go high too. See the boundaries and then plan, view that tree that can break, and ask permission to go ahead to any call, that may be needed.


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