Rivers, Lakes & Ponds – The Water Bodies on verge of extinction & pollution. The Reverse Gear.

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Where do one gets the pure water? The water of rivers used to be associated with purity and spirituality, just till some millenniums back it’s not that same, no it’s not the same, as they used to be. However, let’s not go in these tougher terms, let us just consider water needs to be clean and there should be enough water in the river. Purity and spiritually are age old things which, we can do later, once pollution in water of rivers, ponds & water bodies eliminates.

Wish, we could had turned back the time, and stopped the time, when pure water was in lakes and rivers started to banish in pollution. But we can’t go back in time, time never comes back, we always move forward in time. So, let us accept the facts that sweet water bodies are getting polluted or are being dried out. Let us start from basic input to our problem solver as, polluted river, lake and ponds. Then define the level of pollution as:

1. Severely polluted , wherein, water have extensive fumes, growth on or below surface

2. Extremely polluted, where in forms don’t cover surface, but the river is filthy and may even be smelling

3. Mildly polluted, where in pollution is low in river, water can be consumed after treatment for washing and prescribed use.

4. Not polluted water bodies, such places may be found in places such as Mongolia, and so, least populated regions south to it, rich floura and fauna regions, northern and southern ranges, artic circle,…., greenery filled areas in mountainous regions. Many water are clear, some come from hot water springs and at times known to be of therapeutic healing powers.

The bad state of water bodies can effect the entire ecosystem of the area, it is not just water or human water consumption but entire environment, including the ecosystem of plants, birds and animals living in that region. The water bodies adds an instant attraction & beauty in a region at same time fulfilling its aim, as assigned by Mother Nature, viz. providing water and coolness to this place. There are two things, these water bodies have gone dried or the water bodies are polluted as per the Four pollution levels I have defined above.

The dried or polluted water bodies can effect even the fertility of soil, given many times rivers leaves on bank essential minerals as are carried by it on its path. The concept of distributaries have almost vanished, given scarce water. Irrigation and agriculture are effected. This causes tension of food security. There are various ways by which soil becomes infertile, one reason can be untreated water beyond the capacity. If using untreated water, define the scientific measures, by experimental analysis. Look just as pH value is measured in living beings, we can define parameters for soil seeping in untreated o treated water. Aquatic life forms such as fresh water fish won’t be able to breathe, and live if pollution level is high in water bodies. These parameters are required along with the kind of crops grown on that soils.

Now, let’s come to human consumption. Majority of water for human consumption comes from fresh water bodies. Given the heat is so high, and rainfalls too bleak, and the clouds most of the time missing the needful places. Hence, the water seem to be requiring treatments to reach households. Basic minimal treatment are expected if pollution level in water bodies there to low levels and sophisticated water cleaning needed for very dirty source of water.

Another, major source pollution in rivers and water bodies is dumping of solid and liquid waste in water bodies. It should be noted many places treat water with impurities before this water is put to some settlement. A major party of sewage of a city or town too require some voluntary water bodies. There is nothing new in this, for you to scratch the Thinkpad. But one must know many such systems are years old. Only that city now grabbing most population of the country, the effect is much more.

Now, let’s keep the kinds of water separate, kitchen water and washing water can be separate. Even in disposing, washing and other water can be separate. One must know kind of water and where it is defined by the guidelines to be used.

Management of flooded water is another concern. How to save this water, given this water is pure and free from impurities. Are the number of rainwater harvesting in town lessor than, impure water harvesting? But when floods happens no one is in senses to even think, what is happening, and no one has the time was rain water harvesting. Hence, a city which is a floor above can be suffice to be build, drain planned, slopes maintained for water to find directions, every other place has rain water harvesting, this shall save water early exit from the place as well as maintenance of underground counts.

So, let’s start a reverse gear, to see where we missed the things. And heal the water there only. Yes no one can go down in past, this just means to see what happened in reverse gear and to correct it in this achievable future.

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