Sketch and Paints. #Fiction. Spirits of Anthamba clouds and Golden Moon

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The painting is about imaginary life form far off in Anthamba in Universe, where in fictional and imaginary spiritual life forms were there.

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Note: This is an imaginary story, bearing no association to real life. Nobody in this story bears resemblance to any person living or passed away. This story bears no intent hurt anyone in any way. The story is casted in lands of Anthamba far off from Earth in Universe.

There behind the clouds, lived the Spirits of the FictionalUniverse of clouds King of Anthamba, and behind the golden Shining Moon lived the a princess of FictionalUniverse of the Golden Moons which shined like Sun all on its own. She was princess, while he was King, rules were different for him, further, he had married her sister. Her name was Goldy Moony. In her name Gold for her shine was of shades of gold in which she used to shine and Moony with Moon like looks of her lands, although she belonged to a star.

She once met the King, and the King of Anthamba asked her to come to the new floating island which was made out in skies of Anthamba, as per proposal made by King of Anthamba. The day had come when the floating island was ready. It was like a Frisbe with the green grass growning up now, it was time to implant life on this FictionalUniverse. The islands flows with clouds and had green grass and life of its own. But no living creature was there yet. As in fiction lands that was a transcendent work, hence the King of Anthamba had to come on his own. Goldy, was compelled to reach on time, given she was not very interested initially. She never wanted it, given she was very young.

The spirit of Goldy Moony came in to meet on the designated day, so did the spirit of the King of Anthamba. Along with them were made forms of the life forms on this day on the new floating islands.

The King was so happy to see this life form. New life forms evolved and prosperity spread, King asked her to marry him, and she said yes. They lived happily.

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