Something Fishy! Fresh water Fish & Aquatic Life Survival

So I pray! 

From Oder River to and through Poland, Germany, to even UK, rivers are drying up. These were once places known for nice temperature and splendid weathers. But this year had been not so good, the heat waves form internal and external heats, to planet, is quite high. Climatic changes are making it difficult for rivers to sustain water in the river banks. Now, how does it effect the fish and aquatic life. It does, for these are all fresh water lakes and fresh water rivers. On a basic scale we all know what fresh water fish means, well these fish and other fresh water aquatic life forms take from fresh water river all needed sustainability measures to survive and live.

Is there something fishy going on with fishes in rivers. Well while water was drying up, one should had noted the fact that, the decreasing water levels in river can impact fish and aqualtic life of big rivers in a majoy away. Know these rivers were not small rivers, these are all time big rivers, which may not have dried to this level before past few decades or years, this time, even the river beds ans basins are dry. This means the aquatic ecosystem that was flourishing happily or unhappily has been left with no water.

No water, on aquatic ecosystem means, the end to this ecosystem. Why? As the fish take oxygen and food form this aquatic system. What measures can be taken?

1. Water replenished through some source, as mentioned on previous posts.

2. Fishes taken out in enough water, know oxygen it needs, and hence amount of fresh flowing water.

3. Entire fresh water ecosystem, per cubic meter be transferred to better habitats till rains come in and guarantee river water water supply.

4. The per cubic kilometres of aquatic life maintained there on river beds only.

As the water evaporates from river, the salts that were there in river may not evaporate but mix in unevaporated water. This effects density of oxygen per cubic units of water. These are fresh water river, so salts won’t be same as NaCl, no.

There is no or little water means that oxygen required by the plants in water, aquatic life in water and fishes have declined. Imagine a cat with a oxygen mask which has just no more of oxygen left in cylinder.

Now see, it this way, how much water is there per cubic feet ? How much oxygen is available in one cubic feet of water? Is it enough for one fish? No, right, so can more water be added in rivers ? No, as there is not much of fresh water left as of now.

Can following help?

1. These are fresh water aquatic life, adding water to small part of it with man made boundaries may help?

2. People can adopt some fish, these are same as small aquarium fish

3. Can some aquariums be built to sustain ecosystem of these fishes and its aquatic colonies, where it and its predecessors have spent life’s.

4. Can some be tested with other water, with right fish doctors to fishes given we lost a Beluga whale, for best opinions of functioning’s. Fishes feel too, so be sensitive to it’s feeling ones testing, non similar waters.

The next concern is water is drying, for sure, so how to save these fishes and aquatic life? Well question is, we can or cannot displace this whole aquatic ecosystem, to new place, or can we make boundaries in river beds to preserve them there only with some water. Its time to save fresh water aquatic life, which was inhabitated in these water since ages? Perhaps, this is true, as these were big rivers.


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