(Fiction) Story: Peacocks and Under the water Underworlds far off in Universe

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Note: This is purely fictional & imaginary story, all characters are fictional, the images are fictional and all characters are imaginary. This story is part of fictional Earth far off in Universe and does not relate to anyone real or imaginary

In the Birds Kingdom

In my book, “The Towers of Love: Where Dreams are Free” there is a Kingdom of Birds.

In Kingdom of birds there is a planet for Peacocks, who head the low flying birds. And there is a Park of Peacocks.

In this fictional planet other friendly animals used to come as well. Fish were best with peacocks. Through this planet the peacocks used to rule. Peacock king loved the silver fish.

Peacocks used to talk to the fishes on this planet, hence kinds of fishes and fishes like animals could come in beautiful planet of Peacock.

By talking with fishes, peacocks could talk to under the water worlds as well. Variety of under the water world beings existed and Peacocks often talked with under the water speaking fishes.

But the place where they lived was Park of Peacocks, were where only peacocks lived. On the planet of peacocks they co-existed with other beings in minority.

Moral of the Story: To connect to under the water worlds, the Peacocks had talked to fishes, and know the under the water underworlds. In this way peacocks ruled birds for long. All this was told to them by the King Panitigo to keep harmony of lands with under words of lands and underworlds of waters.


Note- These images are generated by AI and specifically by DALL E2.

Note- I have not seen peacocks swim in water.

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