(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why

Let us understand the situation of politics in UK. The elected candidate Liz Truss failed to deliver when given the charge. Given the political situation wherein the present and previous leaders had to leave for one cause or another. All these lead to a state of confusion among general public in the country and even abroad, worldwide. The ripple effect of the turmoil cab be felt till far off.

So, let us see what was that, or what is cause-effect. The cause was the aim to help the expenses of general public but the policy put forward by Liz Truss made stock markets effected in a negative way. Liz Truss implemented massive tax cuts among other measures. While this hit Euro prize, Market to Businesses, and common people, every thing was impacted. The loss continued till she sacked her chancellor and appointed a new chancellor, Mr. Hunt, who swiped off all measures and helped things in a better way, yielding hope for the economies.

Now, Liz Truss under massive pressure to resign, now resign’s finally. The party has given one week time to select new Prime Minister. Now the real question is who are the people who are coming up to be party leader now. The last update I had was a woman standing up and saying she would run for ministerial post. Why other new faces didn’t stood up? Other names include Ex PM Borris Johnson and Ex. Chancellor Rishi. But there are so many ministries, why don’t they fight elections for the best job in UK, the topmost profile.

These applicants who wants to be Prime Minister are those elected from among the party. These are within the party contest to find who is the leader. Out of party elections are required when the party fails to deliver. This is what the opposition in UK is asking for.

The fittest two candidate are selected for online voting. Now the possible contenders are Ex PM Borris himself, Rishi, among others.

Now Borris has lost some trust, so he may not at be winning edge when online voting is performed. Rishi Sunak, was Borris minister. Borris made him chancellor. With Borris out of seat, Rishi Sunak, his close associate should be out too, given he resigned by giving papers to his Ex boss Rishi Sunak. Further Sunak, have run for elections with competing with Truss, where voting selected Truss and not Sunak. In a way he have lost in elections to Liz Truss, which means he can’t be better than Liz Truss. And Liz Truss, failed the voters.

Who shall win, look in other faces, who are focused on work. Not all leaders need to speak loud. See the new faces select good ones, those who excel at work. There are lot of potential candidates when you see closely. I think even the new chancellor Mr Hunt seem to have tremendous potential given he handled it all well, and holds second powerful position after PM. See profile of your ministers and know your ministers.

The big takeover is that UK allows free and fair way to select the leader of the party. And believes in performance & quality based post assignments.

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