Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand

Rishi Sunak is son-in-law of one of the topmost IT Tech Giant in India ( N. R. Narayana Murthy, the Indian billionaire businessman who founded Infosys with two children, one of whom is Sunak’s wife). The couple Rishi Sunak and his wife owns a net worth of around 770 million and is around 222nd in rank in global top 250 richest people in UK. How much is Rishi Sunak short of being a billionaire then ? In some currencies he is already a billionaire…..

He is contesting for being prime minister of UK, his parents hails from African region to UK. His father was born and raised in Kenya, his mother born in Tanganyika (Tanzania).[Wikipedia].

Another source listed below, it claims his wife is richer than some Royal family members as well. And there was million in taxes that were in some talks for news for long time now.

Unless someone have inherent desire to change things it’s difficult to change human nature. People set goals and work on them. Many people work without inhibitions for one’s goals. This is human behaviour, people are motivated by something, power or money or comfort or attachments or relationships. These are key work goals.

The opinions on life changes, the way a person looks at life, the way one sees problems and sorts solutions also change. While the government is for common people, a person who have spent life understanding people can score high in this, or if he/she was born and spend life doing social services. Further, some people do work for emotional bonds found in a relationship to spouse or another person/group. Some people work for attachments to real things or even non living entities. Some work for common goods, given they have attachments to public good, public well beings.

So, contesting an election for someone who has money, comfort, power means remaining two things attachments or relations. Attachments can be attachments to common goods. It depends how much of power the person actually have and which area the power is required in. See above, the human behaviour that motivates a person to work are:

1. Power

2. Money

3. Comfort

4. Attachments

5. Relationships

Next, it depends on how much of power is good enough for a person. How much of money is good enough, how much comfort is good enough. A lack of these can provide motivation to a person to drive further in their motives and goals. Some dedicate life to Earth, Clinate Issues, given they have attachments to these issues, which hurt and influence them and hence guide them.

This was a short analysis of what drives a person.

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