AI as a Threat versus Other Scientific Fields

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Like other scientific disciplines, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a scientific discipline as well. The question is how safe is it? If developed in the right way, it would be a boon to other scientific disciplines and to its own progress as well as a help to mankind. But if it is left open then it would be like a chemistry lab with no lab coats and no instructions. You can imagine a chemistry lab experiment without guidelines, how it can look? In this meantime, especially last year we have seen AI has taken wings but yet to learn to drive in traffic bond air. SO, let’s understand it better. We have so many scientific fields all of them are self-controlled, for example, the physics X-Rays lab is monitored on its own by physicists, and they make sure X-Ray is not leaked out into the outside of the lab and safety precautions are followed.

Take another example, say a new car that uses Hydrogen and fusion power to run the car is being made. Hence, a new combustion engine is designed using this new proposed technology. But one must know how to do it, who would produce the parts of cars, and with safety restrictions? One flaw and the combustion engine can blast. Hence, complete checks are required on what to produce and how to make even in mechanical engineering. Same with AI, hence it is nothing new that AI needs guidelines, as other disciplines and products need guidelines. The aim is to understand AI as a discipline not as an algorithm and move forward.

LETS understand it with a virus leak from a research lab, which led to the massive pandemic. Till now, as per the news I believe that the cause of CORONA was a lab leak to an animal only. One minor mistake and so many problems humans had to face for more than a year. In the same way, AI if led to unchecked faults on essential points can cause harm. Till now there is no major fault that AI has caused but in the future as AI would develop more so would the responsibilities of AI. Hence proper guidelines for AI labs need to be set up.

AI has helped mankind and can be of help in many ways in the future. So, we can’t abolish AI in one decision but let’s give respect to AI to be a full-fledged discipline with its own instruction manuals, just like all chemistry experiments have instruction sets in the same way all AI experiments must have instruction sets. Let us move ahead in the future with AI ifs and nots instruction sets for each AI experiment.

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